Dad Uses Gymnastics To Bond With His Daughter, And Fails Admirably.

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A wacky 41-year-old dad named Ash Mills is proving that trying to copy his 9-year-old daughter's gym moves can be fun, challenging and epic fails. When Ash's daughter, Alex does a gymnastic flip, she looks graceful. But when he tries to copy her elegant move, he's the total opposite. Even though he and Alex often practice on monkey bars, his spins simply don't improve. Although he dominates the balance beam while doing handstands, it's clear where the real gymnastic talent lies and it's not with Ash. The trampoline isn't much better either. Unlike his daughter, he actually needs a lot of furniture padding to keep himself from getting hurt. In fact, in most of the cringe-worthy videos he posts, he seems to land dangerously close to sharp furniture that could hurt him.