People Reveal The Most Annoying Things Their Significant Others Do.

People Reveal The Most Annoying Things Their Significant Others Do. July 11, 2021

We all have annoying habits, but we don’t often realize we’re doing them until we’re in a relationship. Thankfully, our significant others are able to overlook most of them, and we do the same for them because love conquers all. But during an argument, we let the love of our lives know how much we dislike the way they chew or the way they spend twenty minutes stirring their cup of coffee in the morning. Although there’s no such thing as a perfect human, the annoying habits on this list would drive even the most forgiving person up the wall.He was sitting 5 feet away from her when he sneezed, but because she didn’t say “bless you” he had a hissy fit via text. Now he’s being overly dramatic and suggesting she doesn’t really care about him.

She was in bed, and her boyfriend was giving her the stink eye from the couch. He really didn’t get that he was being extremely immature. Then again, isn’t the general rule that you say “bless you twice,” and then stop if he sneezes more than two times?

Is she trying to send him a message? Maybe he could dig through these novels to try to find out what’s going on with her. But we bet he’s having a hard time getting through them because of all the tears. Ouch.

This is what a ten-year-old boy told his girlfriend. Some would say that his response to her question was a little too honest. But then again, he’s young and hasn’t figured out that when a woman asks you if they’re ugly, you have to lie and say, “No babe. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.”

But unless your guy is a cook, he doesn’t know the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini, which this vegetable happens to be. So now she has to go to the store and look for a cucumber, which is the last thing she wanted to do.

This guy must have been cuddling next to his girlfriend. But because she spray-tanned herself, the chemicals she used ended up rubbing on him. So now he’s sporting a tan too. Oh well. At least she can’t complain that they never do stuff together.

“My wife often leaves her keys here… she’ll then follow up with, “Why can’t I ever find my keys?” the man vented on Reddit. It’s time to have a little chat with the Mrs.

For starters, he tried not to tell her what it was he spent so much on, but she wouldn’t let it go. That in itself must have annoyed him a little. But she was the one that got really annoyed when he told her that he had spent money on something that’s totally worthless.

This husband bought memory foam for his side of the bed, but didn’t consider buying a piece big enough so that his wife would benefit from it too. It might have been a careless oversight, but it’s definitely not a cool thing to do.

You should never tell your significant other that they need to slim down, especially in front of company. Otherwise, you run the risk of one of their friends making you look like a fool in front of everybody else.

This gal asked her man to put the groceries away. Pretty simple, huh? Well, apparently not so simple since he put the coffee inside the refrigerator. That stuff gets hard when you leave it in the fridge. Such a waste.

In all fairness, it was probably really late and maybe this guy couldn’t find a container to put away what remained if this uneaten pizza. Then again, his wife did ask him to put it in the fridge. She didn’t specify how.

Ahhh! He likes living dangerously, I see! Guess he likes living on the edge! But that shouldn’t include their mugs. She should tip it over a few times and see if he gets the message.

If you ask her, she’d probably tell you “there’s enough Ketchup in the bottle for a little squirt.” But if you ask her boyfriend? Well, he might just say her annoying habit is grounds for a divorce. Yikes!

Well, that gift definitely got her husband’s undivided attention, didn’t it? We bet people would pay good money to see the look on her face if he does end up getting her car tools for her birthday. Hey! Tit for tat, right?

Seriously, it’s not that he’s asking for too much. Did she just poke it with a knife and scooped out a chunk of butter? Was she trying to get on his nerve? Does she take a bite out of it? Seriously, we’ve got so many questions!

But pranking and humiliating them? Yeah, that’s a big bucket of NOPE. This wife was baffled when she realized her husband gave her a $100 bill and told her to, “Go get my nails done. I’m hurt and embarrassed because I didn’t realize it was fake until I went to use it!” He might think this is funny, but these little squabbles often mask bigger problems, right?

You can tell this guy absolutely loves his girlfriend. He’s 100% committed to loving his significant other through thick and thin. But we bet that doesn’t include loving your girl even when she decides to get huge eyebrows which cover almost all of her face. Well, kind of! Lucky for him, this wasn’t the final result. Phew!

But coming home to this after your partner was supposed to be in charge of cleaning is proof they don’t really value or respect you. “My kitchen after a week of my boyfriend being in charge of cleaning,” MsMarhaS captioned her photo when she posted it on Reddit. Seriously? It’s like we’re mad for her!

Okay, so he successfully made his point, made his wife angry, and reached new pettiness levels that are unheard of. But let’s try to focus on the silver lining here: At least he made half the bed, right?

He only gets a mini heart attack every time she leaves her hair clips. No biggie. “My girlfriend’s hair clips make me think there’s a huge cockroach on the counter. Every. Time.”