35 Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier.

35 Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier. December 7, 2020

There’s really no denying that parenting has its ups and downs. It’s so rewarding to watch your child learn something new, such as picking up their own toys. But when they’re shoving peas up their nose and need to be brought to the emergency, you kind of start to doubt whether or not you’re made for the job. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual (although, it would be nice to have one called “How Not to Mess Up Your Children 101”), but as long as they’re not burning down the house, it’s safe to say that you’re doing a solid job. All jokes aside, parenting isn’t easy, so why not learn some great hacks to help you get through life’s little lessons with a little more grace?Instead of watching your child become more and more discouraged, try out this helpful hack. Learning the multiplication tables can be tricky business, but it’s all about memorization. They’ll be able to learn every time they walk up the stairs and you could turn it into a game, as well.

People typically want to know which twin is older and how the parents tell them apart. The parents of these twins were tired of all the questions, so they made things much easier for the curious folks. Instead of having to answer the same questions over and over again, all they have to do now is point to their babies heads to give a quick answer.

While winter is beautiful to look at, it’s not always fun to play in, especially if your child wants to go swimming. This mother took her child’s favorite part of summertime and brought it inside so he could enjoy it all year long. Now he can play in the water without the risk of frostbite!

If your child is a huge fan of snow forts, then you’ve just become the coolest mom or dad on the block. Using a Tupperware container, make your little one blocks to use for building their epic fort.

When you’re traveling and you’ve just stopped for the fourth time in an hour, you don’t want to stop again until you get to where you’re going. But little bodies need to go potty, so instead of stopping ever three miles, take a potty chair with you. Line the chair with a diaper, and sit them down when they need to go potty. This is a simple solution with an easy cleanup!

Instead of spending money on a car track rug, this little boy’s parents had an ingenious idea. Using tape, they created a race track for their son. The little boy still gets to play and there’s not a huge rug taking up half of the living room.

This parent refused to let that happen. When their little one wanted some greasy french fries, they cut up some apple slices to resemble fries. Warning: this hack only works with children that can’t really tell the difference between the two. Attempting to use this on older children will result in laughter, disappointment, and more demands for french fries.

On days like that, follow this wise parent’s advice. This way you don’t have to listen to your daughter talk about that boy and his new haircut, but you don’t have to blatantly ignore her, either. It’s a win-win situation!

These little pieces of plastic provide hours of fun for your child, but if you’re not careful, one of these things can send you flying down the stairs and into the back of an ambulance. Before your children go to bed every night, have them pick up their Legos and put them in this easy-to-use organizer.

If you want to paint with your little one, but don’t really want them eating large amounts of craft supplies, then check this hack out. Using yogurt and food coloring, you can create art supplies for your child that can be eaten at the same time.

There’s screaming, potty problems and the constant desire to throw their cup across the car. Not only is this unsafe for the driver, but it’s incredibly annoying to have to keep reaching back for a cup. To avoid backaches and car accidents, use a long cord to keep the sippy cup close to their car seat at all times.

If you’re the type of parent that would prefer that their child didn’t have much candy, then try this great trick! Once they get all of their goodies from Halloween, explain to them that the “Switch Witch” wants to trade with them. Ask them what they would like for a gift and while they’re sleeping, trade the candy for the gift!

One of the main reasons for this is their slippy socks! Their socks can’t grip the floor, so using puff paint, draw designs on the bottom of their socks. It’s a fun project that will help your child get the grip that they need.

But with an idea like this, the glitter gates will be opening soon. When there’s a glitter mess all over the kitchen table or floor, using a lint roller, you can pick up all of the glitter….or at least most of it.

The beach is so large and small children seem to think that they can explore the whole thing. It can be nerve-wracking trying to keep up with them, which is why this hack is such a great idea. Take a fitted sheet with you on your next beach day and create a playpen for your child.

This father was tired of backseat brawls so he came up with a brilliant solution! Using large pieces of cardboard he made dividers to put in between each of his children. Don’t put up with fights in the Prius anymore and get some cardboard today!

These creative parents took their child’s old bed and turned it into a station for their children to do their work. That’s definitely one way of thinking outside of the box!

Unfortunately, some children become crippled by their fear of a monster under the bed. This is when the parents truly become the hero. Take an old spray bottle and fill it with water. Once you decorate the outside the bottle you’ll have your very own Monster Repellent. After spraying this, you’ll kids will feel safe enough to go to sleep and you’ll be well on your way to sainthood.

But fun time spent outside can be cut short when you’re party’s being crashed by a bunch of mosquitoes. Instead of running back inside to get your little one away from the blood-sucking vampires, put a sheet over their playpen so they can continue to enjoy being outside.

Your child may not mean to lock you out, but it happens more than parents like to admit. The next time you have to run to the car or to the laundry room, wrap an elastic band around the doorknob so they’re not able to lock you out.

Kids seem to think that they need half a roll to clean their bottom, which is obviously not the case. To teach their child how to get the correct amount of toilet paper, this parent put markers on the wall. Now if only you could teach your toddler that unraveling the whole roll may be fun, but it should not be shoved down the toilet.

Children who are learning to walk are wobbly almost all of the time, which causes a ridiculous amount of spills and falls. It seems like every time you look, your child has a new scrape or bruise. Most of the time falling down is fine and you just help them up and give them a kiss, but falling down isn’t okay when there are sharp corners involved. Babyproof your home with these pool noodles to avoid some nasty accidents.

If you’re one of many parents who have a difficult time getting their teenager to do anything around the house, then you should take a note out of this parent’s playbook. It might also be fun to lock the Wi-Fi everytime they talk down to you.

This system for ungrounding your child is great. As long as they do the chores listed, they can get ungrounded as soon as they’d like. Or, they can choose to sit in their room and watch the dust bunnies float on the fan until their sentence is up.

It’s almost as if children know what they’re doing and they just enjoy seeing you sweat. This parent figured out what their child was up to and quickly ended it. And all it took was a yardstick to put an end to their torture.

From slipping on the bathtub to throwing water all over the place, you would think that you were in the bath instead of them. Make bath time a little easier by putting a laundry basket into the tub. It will prevent them from sliding all over the place and your clothes will be drier because of it.

Dropping a binky on a public surface is absolutely disgusting and it’s extremely inconvenient if there’s no place to wash them nearby. There’s no need to worry about misplacing or dropping binkys on the ground anymore with this hack.

When you have to get something done, or you just need a little quiet time, giving your child something to occupy their attention for a little while really helps. Put a small square of tape on the floor and show your little one how to sweep the dirt off the floor. It can be a great game for them and a nice break for you. Not to mention your floor will get cleaned, as well.

This father just wanted to enjoy a beer but his child wanted to swing, so he gave them both what they wanted. He can enjoy kicking his legs up with a beer and his kid can have a great time on the swing. Don’t judge, you just wish you’d thought of it.

Siblings that fight have to be taught a lesson and this parent knew exactly how to do that. When this brother and sister fight, they have to wear this specially designed t-shirt until they decide that they can get along. I have a feeling that there’s a lot of tears shed when this happens.

Instead of continuously trying to take the controller away from your child while you’re playing a game, give your children their own controllers that aren’t plugged into the game. They’ll spend the whole time thinking they’re playing the game and they’ll be happy about it, too. It may be cruel, but it works.

This father was not having his little girl thinking that wearing short shorts was an option. Instead of just telling her no, he decided to make a point. Talk about embarrassing.

This dad knew that he needed to find a way to BBQ his favorite food for the Sunday football game, so he did what any dad would do. He created a fortress of steel around his meat.

If you have an old tent then this hack is perfect for you. Using a tent instead of keeping the sand outside will prevent sand from getting all over your yard, as well as deterring cats from using it as a litter box.

If you’ve ever been smacked in the shin by one of these you know exactly what we’re talking about. Wrap the pool noodles around the base of the walker, tie it with some zipties, and send your child on their merry way. They’ll have fun and you’ll protect your body parts…and your home.