Hairless Dog Was ‘Too Ugly’ To Adopt, But One Family Saw His True Beauty.

Hairless Dog Was ‘Too Ugly’ To Adopt, But One Family Saw His True Beauty. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The automatic reaction when you hear a family placed their pet in a shelter is that they are cold, cruel. But behind that decision is the hope that the new family will give the dog or cat a life they cannot. Be it losing a job, having to move to a new city, or simply moving to a house that does not allow pets, are just some of the reasons animals are put in shelters. And for animals who have medical conditions, veterinary bills can quickly pile up. Having pet insurance does not guarantee, all the costs and medicine will be covered. Even when humans let go of their beloved dog, that creature never leaves their heart and minds.The owners reasoned they could no longer afford to keep Bubba. The ever increasing medical bills made them surrender the pooch to the Sacramento SPCA.

The shelter wanted to give Bubba a healthy and happy life. They found a foster home pretty quickly, where Bubba could stay while recovering from his skin condition.

His new family included Melissa Roberts and an orange house cat named Mandy. Bubba found his refuge in the snugness of Mandy’s bed. The pup simply made Mandy’s soft and comfy bed his own.

“Who knows? Maybe he thinks he’s all the way in it and not realizing that half of his body is on the floor,” says Sarah Varanini, the foster care coordinator at the Sacramento SPCA.

He got a secondary skin infection in addition to the mange. It is expected it will take months for it to clear up. “It’s pretty generalized. It’s kind of all over him. We’re expecting treatment to take at least two months, if not longer. Once we get him all good, we’ll be able to adopt him out,” says Sarah.

“He was sweet here in the shelter. Obviously, his skin didn’t feel that great. So he was pretty quiet and slept a lot,” Sarah reveals.

“He’s really well-behaved. He’s totally house-trained which is kind of a bonus. We wouldn’t expect that with a younger dog,” she admits.

Mandy was completely fine with Bubba taking over her bed. They got along quite well even though the feline couldn’t understand what was happening when his family gave him up.

His loving and affectionate personality has won the hearts of his foster family. His condition is getting better and the SPCA is confident that once he is fully recovered, they will be able to find him his permanent home.

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