Hairstyles From The ’80s And ’90s That Will Make You Feel Retroactive Shame.

Hairstyles From The ’80s And ’90s That Will Make You Feel Retroactive Shame. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s was super fun. The hair styles from back then, however, not so much. For some reason, parents during these decades allowed their kids to have the most absurd of hair styles and those unfortunate kids’ school photos are proof! Granted not all of these horrid hair-dos were the parents’ ideas. Some of these photos are of teenagers who chose their own hair style. Nonetheless, shame on the parents for letting them walk out the door looking like this! Hopefully these parents and kids have looked back and regret what they’ve done. Check out some of the hair styles below that should never come back.She probably rocked this look from kindergarten till 3rd grade.

That’s probably where he got inspiration from, right?

How is this at all ok? Why would you let her leave the house like this?

I hope he shaved off all his hair when he came to his senses.

Last time I saw her she was in Narnia starring alongside a witch and a wardrobe.

The mother looks like she’s scared for her life.

I wonder how long she let those sideburns grow.

But her face is like “what have you done to me?”

I wonder how his parents felt about his hair during that time.

The mullet hair cut really emphasizes her eyes and teeth!

It looks like she has a black Pomeranian on her head.

So is his hair naturally curly or straight?

Makes you realize that all we are is just dust in the wind.

If you’re going to have a mullet, you should have a super mullet.

Of course all the kids are going to have matching rocking hair styles.

I feel bad for whoever had to sit behind her in class.

I shall name him… Billy… he looks like a Billy.

I wonder if she wakes up with her hair already like that.

But it appears the front of the bowl cut is a little crooked.

Should probably go see a different groomer.

But it looks like she’s been inhaling too much of it here.

She must have spent a lot of time teasing those bangs.

It’s one thing to have a tacky hair style, it’s another thing to make your kid match that terrible hair.

I think I might have seen Alisha Keys sport the same hairstyle in 2016.

This is definitely a look.

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