Rescue Dog Lost 35lbs Of Fur After His First EVER Haircut.

Rescue Dog Lost 35lbs Of Fur After His First EVER Haircut. September 10, 2018

Everyone needs a haircut every once in a while and dogs are no different. Trimming and cutting varies among each breed as some canines can sport longer hair while others need short cuts. It’s not just about sporting a new look or for fashion either. Keeping the hair washed and trimmed not only gets rid of tangles, it can also keep ticks and fleas at bay. Unmanaged and unwashed coats can also cause skin irritations which can develop into infections. Groomers also look for other things to ensure pups are in good health. Lumps and hernias can be easily spotted during a grooming session. One beautiful canine named Lazarus didn’t start off in a happy and loving environment. The Great Pyrenees lived in a barn stall for six years when he was rescued and in desperate need of a haircut.Groomer Candice Skelton, had to remove the excess hair the poor pup had.

Lazarus will need to be trained how to act in the outside world. It will all be done in baby steps so not to create stress for the animal. He will also be given some vaccines to keep him healthy.

But when she was done trimming him, he had lost 35 lbs. worth of weight. That’s the equivalent of another medium sized dog.

Lazarus doesn’t like getting in a car but does love the actual car rides with the window down. He is loving his new life.