They Lost HALF Their Body Weight, And The Before/After Photos Are Inspiring.

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24-year-old Diana Anguh is a chef who lost 140 pounds.

Losing weight and maintaining it, is a struggle for everyone. The temptation to eat unhealthy, calorie packed meals is a hurdle to overcome daily. Also, being active when there are other things that have to get done, it's easy to skip one workout or two until you just stop showing up. The following women know the challenges too well. Each of them lost half of their body weight, losing more than 100 lbs each. It wasn't easy, but hard work, focus, and dedication helped them reach their goal. To reward them of their hard work, People magazine gifted them with a well-deserved makeover.Six years later and she has kept the weight off. For her new look, Anguh took off her wig and let her natural hair take centre stage. "It just worked so beautifully, and she just lit up. It just felt right. I thought, well, since this is a shoot about coming into yourself, why not be fully yourself and wear your natural hair?" said hairstylist Paul Warren.
Diana Anguh; Randi Berez

Ashley O’Reilly lost half of her size in a year.

After over colouring her hair, the 21-year-old needed a cut with thick layers, and bangs. She got a root touch up by colorist to the stars Joyce Gallagher.
Randi Berez

Joanne Raymond lost and gained more than 100 pounds since high school.

Finally, she lost 133 pounds and has been able to keep it off for a year. The makeover team gave her a semi-permanent dye to blend the her gray hair. After seeing her new look, Raymond says she's feeling "ten years younger."
Joanne Raymond ; Randi Berez

In the process of losing 167 pounds, Erika Cockrell has tried every hair colour imaginable.

Colorist Adrianna Vizzoni gave the 30-year-old highlights with rich brown hues. She also chopped Cockrell's locks into a classic bob.
Dennis Cockrell

Cockrell had gone as extreme as blonde and even blue.

Now she has a choppier, fun cut.
Randi Berez

Lindita Halimi is a famous singer in Albania.

The 27-year-old needed a new look not only for her new body after she lost 130 lbs. but also for her career. The natural brunette was given highlights to a more honey brown. She also had a couple inches cut off to frame her face.
Lindita Halimi ; Randi Berez

Christina Jordan lost 131 pounds and became a nutritionist in her weight loss journey.

The mom of three got soft highlights added and her roots were given a touch up. She only lost a few inches off her blond locks.
Christina Jordan ; Randi Berez