The Hanson Brothers Are All Grown Up, But Wait Till You See Their 11 Kids!

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Remember the brothers with the good hair (when good hair didn't have a bad connotation)? From left the right, here's Zac, Taylor, and Isaac Hanson.

We recently discussed fashion trends from the [nineties][1] but we can't really talk about the nineties without talking about a particular pop group of three brothers with good hair and upbeat, Grammy nominated songs, Hanson. In the early nineties, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac started out in singing to crowds in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma and first performed in the local Mayfest Arts Festival as the Hanson Brothers. In the beginning, they sang a cappella but soon began to incorporate their piano skills. Eventually, Isaac would take up the guitar and Zac the drums while Taylor remained on keys. They independently recorded and released the song 'MMMbop' in an album of the same name and were soon invited to play South By Southwest, or SXSW in Austin, Texas. It was there that they were signed to a manager who later got them signed to Mercury Records. In 1997 the brothers now known as Hanson released the album *Middle of Nowhere*, selling 10 million copies worldwide and earning three Grammy award nominations. In 2000 the group released *This Time Around* through their label, now known as Island Def Jam, but it did not do as well due to a lack of promotional funding. For the next few years the band would face more issues with their label, prompting them to leave and record and tour on their own. Today, Hanson continues to make music, play shows to packed venues, make guest appearances, and they've even started a few other exciting projects — all while being husbands and fathers. If you've ever seen them live you know you can't write them off as a teenybopper band. Their musical and vocal abilities will shut you right up (new and old fans will argue that they've got more talent than half the music industry), and they might even have you dancing. Continue reading to learn more. [1]:
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Speaking of hair, check out Zac's hair here. It can't get any more nineties than this.


The group performed their hit single 'Mmmbop' at the 1998 Grammy's.

New York Daily News

Here's a photo from the shoot for their album Middle of Nowhere.


Remember when Got Milk? ads were all the rage?

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Another popular song from Middle of Nowhere is 'I Will Come To You.'

Here they are in 2000 when they released their second album This Time Around. Remember the song 'If Only'? Be still, teenage heart.

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And now, it's time for hearts to break. As stated they are all married. Here's Taylor with his beautiful wife Natalie. He was 19 at the time and she was 18.

Together they had five children. Remember the song Penny & Me? It was so named for Taylor's daughter Penelope.

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The children are growing up so quickly!

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Fun fact: The brothers all married fans that they met at their own concerts. Zac said 'I do' Kathryn Tucker in June 2006. So far they've got four children.

Isaac married Nicole Dufresne later that year. They have two sons and a daughter.

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In addition to founding their own record label, the brothers have contributed to the fight against AIDS with their walk tours, raising funds and awareness.

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They danced their hearts out for the Thinking Bout Somethin' music video in 2010.

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Isaac, Zac, and Taylor paint a guitar for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation in 2011 in New York City.

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In 2013 they launched their own beer and called it Mmmhops. I had the honor of tasting it. Verdict? Like their music, pretty darn good.

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The trio poses for photographers at the iHeartRadio music festival the same year.

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These brothers clean up well. They were photographed and interviewed for a Forbes feature titled 'Plaid Men: Growing Up, Hanson-Style.'

Jamel Toppin / Forbes

Jamel Toppin / Forbes

Christmas is just around the corner. Don't forget they've got some good Christmas tunes to warm your home during the holidays.

'In an Mmmbop they're gone'... except they're really not.

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