Haunting Photos Of The Titanic Taken Moments After It Was FIRST Discovered.

Haunting Photos Of The Titanic Taken Moments After It Was FIRST Discovered. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

For 73 years after the night it sank, the Titanic sat at the bottom of the ocean. Many researchers and explorers tried to find it, but only one would be successful: His name is Dr. Robert Ballard, and he is responsible for finding the ship’s final resting place. As tragic as the story is, the tale of how Ballard and his team found the ship is absolutely fascinating — and now that they have, it’s brought up some differing opinions about what to do next. See the images from Ballard’s discovery under the sea below.He proposed using a live feed from 20,000 feet below the surface to see the shipwreck. He used an unmanned camera sled to do so.

The Navy wasn’t super into the whole Titanic plan, but they did have plans for the camera sled.

The Navy decided to strike a deal with Ballard: If he could find and map the subs, they’d let him use the time he had left over to search for the Titanic.

He partnered with a French research institute. The French ship used a “mowing the lawn” technique in hopes that the sonar would pic something up.

He noticed the current carried small pieces of debris from the wrecks, leaving a kind of “bread crumb” trail .

“We were embarrassed we were celebrating,” Ballard later said, “and all of a sudden we realized that we should not be dancing on someone’s grave.”

With only a few days left before a storm rolled in, the team scrambled to take all the photos they could.

He has taken hundreds of pictures of the ship down below.

However, Ballard disagrees.

As such, it should remain undisturbed.

We tend to side with Ballard that it should remain where it is.

There is still much to be learned from the Titanic’s final resting place.

The sea has kept much of the structure intact.

After all, this is a place where hundreds of people lost their lives.

It’s a far cry from the one Jack and Rose first fell in love on, but it’s unmistakable.

But hopefully, it remains undisturbed.

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