Couple Sees Weird Cop Standing In Rain, Then Realizes What She’s Doing.

Couple Sees Weird Cop Standing In Rain, Then Realizes What She’s Doing. June 6, 2020

Anyone watching the news these days will probably see police officers in a negative light, but rarely do you hear about all the good that cops do. However, there are a number of positive things that they do to ensure your well-being. In some cases, their good deeds come at the expense of their own personal safety or comfort. But they’re determined to carry out their responsibilities anyway. Just ask Carolyn B. R. Hammett, who was driving in an area close to home in Greenbelt, Maryland, with her husband when they both witnessed an unbelievable situation. It was the middle of the afternoon and there was a cop who was getting soaking wet, but for some reason, she didn’t seem to mind.At first, Carolyn B. R. Hammett was puzzled by the officer’s unusual reaction to being drenched by Mother Nature. She also assumed that the officer was there to let drivers know that the road was flooded, but she was wrong.

The cop was actually making sure that no one would be able to hurt a poor defenseless creature. Hammett decided to pull the car over to see if there was anything they could to help the officer, and her husband ran over and shielded the cop from the rain with an umbrella.

Given how slow most turtles usually are, and that this particular turtle wasn’t moving anytime soon, it became clear that someone had to step up and be the hero. Hammett’s husband also lent a hand by rushing home, retrieving two shovels, and using them to lift the turtle off the road.

The officer received the Greenbelt Police Officer of the Year award for being such a kind-hearted human being, and a protector to everyone in the neighborhood, even the non-human residents of the area, and hopefully her efforts will inspire others to follow her example.