He Catches His GF Cheating A Motel, But Ends Up Getting Shot On Facebook Live.

He Catches His GF Cheating A Motel, But Ends Up Getting Shot On Facebook Live. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Late August 2016, Willie Reese headed to an America’s Best Value Inn in Hazlehurst, Mississippi on a hunch that his girlfriend was cheating on him. Reese entered one of the motel rooms with a cell phone, which he used to record a video. In that room he found his girlfriend’s lover, Daniel Jackson. Jackson caught everyone off guard when he pulled out a gun and began to threaten Reese. ‘Today you’re gonna die,’ he told him. ‘Well shoot me n&^#?!,’ Reese responded. After a few more threats, Jackson shot him in the thigh. The footage was streamed live on Facebook. “It’s not normal that we actually have footage to where it dictates you know exactly what happened in this case,” Hazlehurst Police Chief Byron Swilley told WLBT. The injured boyfriend was taken to a local hospital and airlifted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). He is now in stable condition. Jackson later turned himself into police.Around 7:30 in the morning in late August, Willie Reese went to this motel to see whether or not his girlfriend was sleeping with someone else.

A local news report says it is unclear if Reese entered the motel room unlawfully, but it was there that he found his girlfriend with another man, Daniel Jackson.

‘What are you trying to prove? All you doing is trying to show out for Facebook,’ Jackson said to him.

If anything, one would think that Reese would have been doing the threatening but this wasn’t the case.

He repeatedly told Jackson, ‘I don’t give a f*&! about that pistol… I don’t give a f*&! about that.’

Several citizens phoned the police about the incident. Reese was taken to a local hospital and then later airlifted to UMMC, and is now listed in stable condition. Daniel Jackson, who turned himself in, is charged with aggravated assault and being held under a $10,000 bond.

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