He Cuts Open A Giant Wasp Nest To Discover What’s Inside… I Had To Look Away.

He Cuts Open A Giant Wasp Nest To Discover What’s Inside… I Had To Look Away. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Some kids have a relentless fascination with breaking things open and checking out what’s inside. Doesn’t matter what it is: A basketball, a Barbie, one of their mom’s decorations. You name it, they’re going to try and get it open and have a peek. Perhaps you were one of these kids. And perhaps deep down, that kid still lives somewhere inside of you. If that’s the case, then you’re going to love what this father-son team have in store. They are the pair between the hit YouTube series “What’s Inside,” wherein they indulge all of your childhood fantasies of cracking things open to see what lies beneath. This time around, they took things to a slightly terrifying level: They opened a wasp nest to see what was on the interior. What does it look like inside of one of these? Is it just a big empty hole? Most importantly, what happens if there are, you know, *f**king wasps* inside? Find out the answers to these questions and more below.That is, you can buy literally anything on eBay. Take this dad, who procured a giant wasp nest from the site.

The pair actually dedicate their YouTube Channel to opening things up as science projects.

And so inquiring minds want to know: What IS inside of a wasp nest?

Unless, of course, you are 100% certain that your wasp nest no longer has any residents for you to enrage.

In the original video, we learn that dad was a little bit scared to open up the nest in the house — at this point, he’s holding his breath hoping that it’s REALLY empty.

Who knew that wasps were up to all this amazingly geometry inside their terrifying little homes?

This is an elaborate, calculated design, much like that of a bee’s hive. It’s amazing to think that such small creatures created it.

We feel the same way, to be honest.

After all, in most circumstances, seeing what’s inside these things is usually impossible, given that it could end in wasp-related injury.

You answered a question that we never even knew we wanted to ask.

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