He Faked Being A MILLIONAIRE On Facebook To Get WOMEN! But To Maintain His Lies He Did Something EXTREME…

He Faked Being A MILLIONAIRE On Facebook To Get WOMEN! But To Maintain His Lies He Did Something EXTREME… April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Gregory D. Harris, 48, of Indianapolis, IN, wanted to impress his girlfriend. To do so, he posed as a millionaire. Of course this wouldn’t be convincing without a few major accessories. In early April, Harris made an offer on a home in the 5500 block of Black Cherry Circle, reads court documents. His girlfriend reportedly saw the house online and wanted to live there. However, a CastleRock REO informed him that there were other contenders, some of them higher bidders. Harris wouldn’t take no for an answer. On two separate occasions, local realtors visited the property to show potential buyers. In the first instance, the ‘For Sale’ sign and lockbox were nowhere to be seen, and on the second, the doorknobs had been replaced and the furniture had been relocated. You’ll never guess what officers found inside. Continue reading to find out.Gregory D. Harris, 48, of Indianapolis wanted to impress his girlfriend, who he began dating in January of this year. So, he told her that he was a millionaire.

It must take a lot of energy to keep up with your own lies, but Harris was up for the challenge.

You can’t be a really convincing millionaire without a swanky spot and shiny car.

We ain’t sayin’ she a golddigger, but they’d only been dating for 4 months at this point.

Harris’s girlfriend was browsing online when she came across a house that she liked. Later that day, he told her that he was going to buy the house and even sent her photos of himself from inside the property. The two of them soon moved in. Local realtors attempted to show the house to potential buyers, but discovered some odd things. The ‘For Sale’ sign had been removed, the lockbox was missing, the doorknobs were replaced, and the furniture was also moved.

On April 11, a CastleRock REO texted Harris about the house. Harris responded that he thought he was the owner, because he had already made an offer. He also sent the rep some false documents that proved his ownership. A few days later, officers arrived to the address on a report of trespassing.

During a search of the house, officers found this book, a laptop, a couple of flash drives, a cell phone, and some documentation.

No lover is ever worth lying for. Oh, Harris. Did you really think you were going to get away with it?

We’re also wondering why the girlfriend thought it was okay to accept a car from someone she just started dating. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is!

It turns out that stealing can’t buy happiness either. We hope Mr. Harris learned his lesson.

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