He Felt Dogs Were Being Misrepresented… So He Took These Images.

He Felt Dogs Were Being Misrepresented… So He Took These Images. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Some dogs are content to bask in the glow of their owner’s affections, relaxing on the couch until it’s time to go outside and sniff around, only to come back inside and repeat the cycle. However, for other dogs, **life is all about hard work.** In a series called “The Shepherd’s Realm,” photographer Andrew Fladeboe documents the lives of working dogs – and not just the shepherds. Cowherds, rescue dogs, mobility dogs, guide dogs, and companionship dogs are all represented in this compelling photo series. In a recent interview, Flabedoe explained why he felt the need to highlight the hard-working canines of the world: > I find the story of the working dog fascinating. Since that first gray wolf walked up to the campfire and made a pact with humanity 30,000-plus years ago, they have been working by our side in a number of roles. We have evolved together. The dogs developing to fit the wide range of roles we asked of them, while we evolved into agricultural and industrial societies. Working dogs are still in widespread use today, and in fact the number of jobs they can perform grows every year. Check out Flabedoe’s spectacular work below.

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