He Found A Rattlesnake When He Sat On The Toilet.

He Found A Rattlesnake When He Sat On The Toilet. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Cassie McFadden and her family recently found themselves in the middle of a sticky situation. One of the children was using the bathroom when a rattlesnake climbed right out of the toilet. The boy was extremely lucky that the snake didn’t bite him and Cassie was quick on the draw and killed the snake. Just to be one the safe side they called out a snake removal company to give the house a look over. They were not going to have the typical day at the McFadden residents. Normally rattlesnake nests are found in the wild, away from civilization. This is so the breeding ground can go undisturbed for as long as need be. Finding one of these nests underneath a house is very rare. But the house had everything the mother snake needed to set up shop. At the end of the day, the snake removal company found an amazing 24 rattlesnakes underneath the house. The upcoming photos show the amazing find that was actually just inches under the family’s feet. The snake removal company took out all 24 snakes safely. They said they normally release them back into the wild or donate them to a school so kids can study them and learn about them.Cassie McFadden and her family found something in their home that nobody ever wants. A family of rattlesnakes that had settled in.

Her son went to use the bathroom just as he had done many times before. This would be a different kind of trip though.

Upon flushing, one of the rattlesnakes tried to come out of the toilet. Cassie quickly killed it, but there were a lot more where that one came from.

They called a snake removal team to come by and check out the house. It’s a good thing they did!

As the family watched, the removal team found 13 snakes. They weren’t done finding them yet though.

They weren’t really sure what they would come across. It’s not often you find a breeding ground the size of what they would soon see.

They did a thorough search of the underground area next to the home. They didn’t want to miss any.

When they searched the crawl space under the house they found a few more snakes. So they decided to keep looking in that area.

When they found one more snake they figured they were on to something. So they concentrated on that general area.

After they found another one they started to wonder exactly how many were down there. They would be shocked at the number.

The owner of the snake removal company kept digging around to see if he could find anymore. That’s one brave guy.

He kept finding one at a time which led him to keep looking. He was in for a surprise around the next corner.

Once he found the right corner, he stuck gold. He found an entire family of snakes living underneath the home.

At the end of the day, 24 rattlesnakes were found under the house. That is an amazing, and also very dangerous number.

The owner of the company confirmed that it was a breeding ground. He found several baby snakes in a nest.

It was the perfect place to have a breeding ground for the snakes. Nice and cool, secluded and damp. A mother snake would be hard pressed to find a better location.

When the snake removal team arrived they had no idea what they were going to find. It wasn’t going to be a typical day for them.

One by one they found rattlesnake after rattlesnake. The snake family had moved in and taken over the bottom of the house.

Twenty four snakes in total were removed from the home. That is just a crazy number.

Seeing your children play with a snake is not something a parent wants to see, especially if it’s a rattlesnake.

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