He Got Upgraded To A $21,000 Seat, And He Filmed EVERY Detail.

He Got Upgraded To A $21,000 Seat, And He Filmed EVERY Detail. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Most of the time when you take a flight somewhere it’s a boring experience, especially if it’s a long flight that is more than a few hours. When Casey Neistat boarded his Emirates flight from Dubai to New York City, he was expecting a very long and uneventful 14-hour trip. But when he found out that he had been upgraded to first class and saw everything that came with it, he decided to film the entire flight! What would normally have cost Casey $21,632.30 was now being offered for the cost of his regular ticket. It included some pleasures that you don’t even get in a lot of lower rated hotels. The seat came with a mini-bar, a shower, and slippers, among other items. Yes, a shower! Now you might expect that in a low rated hotel but in an airplane? Read on and you’ll find out all of the great things that Casey had to do during his adventure!Once Casey found out that he had been upgraded to first class he decided to record the entire trip on video. So the entire world can take the trip along side of him!

As you’ll see in a few moments, Casey was given a shower along with his seat. But a shower isn’t any good if you don’t have the proper soap and gels to get the job done, right? This is the spread that Casey had to choose from.

When you take a flight on Emirates you are normally expecting top quality service. But it gets even better when you are in the first class area. Take a look at these toiletries that Casey was given.

One of the things that Casey was able to take advantage of during his first class trip was an outside cam. That’s right, he was able to log in and view the outside of the plane from a cam mounted on it. Here he is showing everyone the view.

Each first class seat comes with a wooden mini-bar that has a low light inside. It looks like a pretty good selection to keep you busy on a long flight.

Here Casey shows everyone the slippers that he was given with his first class seat. Now I don’t think he was doing a lot of walking on the plane but it’s a nice touch, right? Most hotels don’t even give you slippers!

If you find yourself dipping into the mini-bar too often you might want to sleep it off before the plane lands. And if you are lucky enough to have a first class seat on an Emirates flight, go right ahead and do so!

One thing that most planes are missing is a shower. Especially on those long flights. There is nothing like a nice hot shower in the middle of a 14-hour flight, right? Well on Emirates you get exactly that and here is Casey proving it to the world!

In this short clip, Casey gives us a look at the sleeping quarters and says that it’s more comfortable than his bed at home. He also takes us along into the bathroom for a look at the shower facilities. But don’t worry it’s all G rated!

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