He Made The Apple On The Back Of His iPhone Light Up. Here’s How He Did It.

He Made The Apple On The Back Of His iPhone Light Up. Here’s How He Did It. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you love one Apple product like the iPhone, chances are you own other electronics made by this company. This multinational giant makes their tech devices sync in such a way that they all look like they are a smaller or bigger version of each other. The one small but obvious difference to Apple fans is the face on the laptops. All of the MacBook versions (Air, Prom and iMac) have the apple icon on the back. This logo lights up when you turn the computer on. Unfortunately, the iPhones do not come with that function even though the icon is also found on the back. David Cogen, the founder of The Unlockr has found a way to make the iPhone light up like its big brother the MacBook. This tutorial only applies to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.When the iPhones were released many customers were disappointed their mobiles didn’t do the same function as the laptops.

It’s important to remember that opening the iPhone voids the warranty. Cogen points out, if your phone is over a year-old, the warranty has expired anyways.

You will need to unscrew the back of the plate off the phone.

These screws are on the side of the charging port of the phone.

This is not meant to pull the whole phone off. It’s just needed to gently open the case. Instead use the pry tool to delicately remove the plate open.

Only pry open the plate up to 90 degrees or the cables will break.

Not every screw is the same size, this will be important to remember when you are screwing the plate back.

You can remove the long black battery. The battery is glued on so don’t poke it just work on it with the pry tool to get it off.

Apply the tape that was there before. You can also put the battery back on. Don’t connect the cables right away though.

Connect the cable to the connectors.

If you avoid this step, the logo won’t light up.

->**Watch the video tutorial with David Cogen explaining how to make your iPhone light up.**<-

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