He Poured Hot Water Over A Store-Bought Apple… 12 Seconds Later I Felt Sick.

He Poured Hot Water Over A Store-Bought Apple… 12 Seconds Later I Felt Sick. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Or at least that’s what our parents told us growing up while we ate the crispy fruit. Although apples were brought over from Europe with the arrival of new settlers, this sweet and juicy fruit has turned into a daily staple in North American diets. When we pick up our produce from the grocery store, very often the apple along with other fruits gets put in the sink for rinse and we assume it’s ready to be eaten afterwards.If you are like millions of households who do this, you may want to pause and rethink how you are cleaning your apples. Farmers and companies want to ensure your fruits have the maximum shelf time in the store before you take it home. Ideally, we would all love to have an apple tree in our backyards to simply get our apples from, ensuring the fruit is fresh and free of anything foreign applied to the exterior. Until that happens, here is an easy way to eat an apple the way it was meant to.29 states in the U.S. grow apples commercially with Washington state making up 70% of the fruit consumed.

And our loves for apple has not decreased. In fact, apples are the second most consumed fruit in the country after oranges.

North Americans expect their fruits to be juicy to eat or to use in juice, smoothies, salads, and of course apple pies.

Since it’s not that easy or accessible it’s important to remember apples and other fruits and vegetables are delivered to grocery stores looking bright and healthy.

Take a look at these apples. They look fresh like they just got picked from the farm.

A simple test at home will reveal they actually have a film or covering that you can’t see.

Buying organic does not mean this was is exempt from being used.

Nonetheless, the wax recipe used is not divulged to the public. That is reason enough to be alarmed.

This is the same type of wax used for dental floss. You may swallow some in small amounts while flossing but not something you expect when you bite into your apple.

On the right, the apple reveals how much wax is sprayed on it.

Farmers spray wax solutions to keep their fruit fresh. The wax works as a preservative to keep the fruits and vegetable from going bad.

Start pouring hot water on the apple. If you are buying a produce out of season, you can bet it comes with some sort of wax spray.

If the fruit was sprayed with pesticide prior to the wax being applied, some of the residue can also be left on the fruit.

1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon baking soda lukewarm water Mix the ingredients together.

The last step is the easiest. Take a big bite of your juicy fruit.

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