He Rides A Dinosaur Bike Across Norway… And A Lot Of People Are Upset About It.

He Rides A Dinosaur Bike Across Norway… And A Lot Of People Are Upset About It. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Markus Moestue had a dream. He didn’t want to be a famous athlete, or blow up Hollywood with his acting chops. He didn’t even want to strike it rich with a wild invention. No, Markus Moestue didn’t want to do any of those things. He just wanted to ride a dinosaur bicycle across Norway. And that’s exactly what he did. Find out how and why he accomplished this epic feat below.Moestue started with a three-wheeled bike. To create this machine, he welded together three bicycle frames.

Three bikes were needed to support the intended structure that Moestue wanted to create.

Using a kitchen knife, Moestue carved the dinosaur’s body out of styrofoam.

He created the head and the tale in two separate pieces, to be mounted on the front and back of the bike.

He then covered the entire thing with epoxy glue, fiber coating, and red and orange paint.

The finished product mimicked the scales of a velociraptor – and not a friendly one at that.

He painted the face for even more detail, making the dinosaur look incredibly lifelike. Just look at those teeth!

When he attached the velociraptor to the bike, Moestue left space for himself in the middle. Finally, the dino-bike was complete.

It’s definitely a fun project, but Moestue’s intentions weren’t purely whimsical. He constructed the dinosaur bike to make a commentary, or what he describes as “a protest against the dogmatic religious education of children, and the idea originated from the theme-parks of creationists that teach children that humans and dinosaurs used to live together.”

From a distance, it actually looks like a man riding a dinosaur – Moestue was trying to make a statement that the idea that this actually occurred in history is ridiculous and false.

The artist made his way around his home country of Norway on the dinosaur bike, a sight that was certainly curious for passersby, especially in particularly religious towns.

As Moestue rode, he spread his message to anyone who was interested – though we imagine that most were just wondering how he created this awesome machine.

No matter what his intentions or message, one thing is for sure: Markus Moestue’s bike is better than everyone else’s bike.

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