He Stumbled Upon A Filthy Mop Of Fur. What He Did Next Proves The Kindness Of Strangers.

He Stumbled Upon A Filthy Mop Of Fur. What He Did Next Proves The Kindness Of Strangers. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Moving to a new city is a huge change, one that requires time to adjust. Reddit user [trickygonzalez][1] was enjoying his new environment when he met his new best friend in the form of a canine. The dog who trickygonzalez named Mr. Lady looked like it had fallen on hard times. After being thoroughly bathed and having his fur clipped, Mr. Lady started to look like more like himself than a thick indistinguishable fur ball. What began as a good deed, trying to clean and find Mr. Lady his owners, has turned in to a growing friendship. Check out the amazing transformation in the pictures below and the compelling story. [1]: http://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/36z63v/found_a_dog_on_the_street_never_considered_owning/Found a dog on the street. Never considered owning a dog. Fell In love. Now I own a dog. The story of a man and his trashmonster.

Moved to LA on a Monday, on Thursday I was walking home from bowling in Koreatown… Me and two friends stumbled upon a huge mop of fur in the sidewalk barely moving. It was having trouble walking, so we waited about 15 minutes for someone to claim her. We flagged a cop down who was driving by to get a professional’s opinion, as we aren’t really experienced in finding dogs on the street. Cop legit said to either leave it or take it home. My friend picked him up and carried him to my place.

I called animal services to see if they had any record of the dog missing, to no avail. The dog’s hair was matted everywhere and I couldn’t tell whether it was a boy or girl, but it seemed like a girl so I called it Lady. It was super docile and calm, it had a collar matted way beneath the fur that I later cut out, there were no tags.

I’ve never owned a dog, nor did I anticipate owning one in the forseeable future… but i do love dogs like a butt ton. This was the first dog-owner thing I had to do, give it a bath. The dingleberry situation was unreal, there was lots of gross ass sh*t going on back there, but he was so cute i knew if he could just poop without having it get caked into his butt he would be so stoked. It was at least a 2 hour process.

I had to get rid of the underbelly hair because he was compiling a serious weight of feces and pee in his matted fur. This was a struggle for the both of us, no joke. He wasn’t happy being wet and prodded with a shearer, but it had to be done… for the poops!

Found out after cleaning it , that it’s a boy! Other than come up with an original boy name that would be easy to explain, i decided to call him: Mr. Lady I held on to him for about two weeks while making flyers and craigslist posts attempting to find the owner. I took him to a shelter to check for a micro-chip, which it had! Unfortunately the contact information on file was out dated and I was unable to find Adrian Miller of Los Angeles, CA… Turns out the dog is 6 years old.

I decided to hold on to him for the time being while I figure out my options, which meant i had to get him groomed and vaccinated to be safe. He seemed a little unsure about car rides, but i think he was ok.

Mr. Lady didn’t even flinch getting all his shots, and he got a nice treat too! I took him straight to the groomer after this.

Completely different dog I can’t even.

The haircut totally changed his personality, it was like he could move again, he’s way more active and will follow me everywhere I go. He looks like a little cheeseburger I recently moved to LA to start my own business, so fortunately I now work from home most days. But I would consider this a pretty bad time to just all of a sudden own a dog for me, I have to travel for work a ton and my GF works 9-6 every day. But the things we do…

this guy passes on salads….

he really needs to eat healthier because look at him

I found this little trash-monster in the streets of LA, only two days after moving here. I feel like it was meant to be and I’m meant to own this dog, for whatever reason that ripples in to the future I don’t know.

I had a FedEx package get delivered to my house, and while I was signing the pad, the FedEx guy recognized my dog, which he had been giving half his sandwhich to for like 6 months when he would see Mr. Lady walking around Shatto Rec Center. Just an insane coincidence… the fedex guy was delivering my mom’s birthday present to me for added serendipity.

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