25 Weird Pictures That Are Too Strange Not To Share.

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At first glance, the horse appears normal.

No matter how routine your life may be, you mustn't forget — we live in a very bizarre world. Although we might not personally encounter bizarre things every day, they're definitely happening all over the world. Thanks to the World Wide Web, however, we're given the ability to see the bizarre that other people have witnessed and experienced. Sometimes it's fascinating, other times it'll just leave you in utter confusion. Although our world is filled with beauty, you got to admit it's also filled with a lot of weirdness.But then with a second look at the shadow, you start to question just what kind of horse this is. And if it's taking a selfie?

This looks like a scene straight out of a sci-fi futuristic movie.

He's actually in a part of an elevator shaft that also houses 15,000 fish.

A telephone pole that transformed into a floating cross, is this magic?

What really happened was that a fire erupted and burned the pole but not all the way to the top.

We're used to seeing dogs temporarily left behind in a car.

But a baby cow? Is the driver perhaps a farmer? Or does someone really own a pet cow just because?

At first glance, the photo looks like there's people rowing boats in a field of bushes.

In all actuality, they're still rowing their boats in water, there's just a green field (hyacinth blooming in the Nile River) on top of it.

Anyone who looks at this photo would instantly assumed it's been edited so that the flower is the only object in color.

But this photo isn't edited at all! This photo was taken after a volcano erupted and covered everything with ash prior to this flower blooming!

Is a sea monster going to jump out of this dark hole?

It's not a scene out of a movie, this reservoir is actually real and exists in Derbyshire, England. It's called the Ladybower Reservoir.

Normally you would think airplanes would never be that close to people on the ground!

But this plane's landing is on a runway that practically starts on a hotel beach in Saint Martin!

So someone tried to photoshop zebra prints onto this white horse right?

This animal really does exist, it's a cross between a zebra and a pony (believe it or not). It's called a zebroid.

This photo is not photoshopped, I repeat this photo is not photoshopped.

Although it may look like the husky is walking on water, it's actually walking on ice that has a thin layer of water over it.

Those are some really skinny legs, you should think about hitting the gym.

Oh wait... I don't think you can work out this particular pair of legs.

Were the railroad tracks intentionally built this way? Is it photoshopped?

No, it wasn't intentionally built this way. No, it's not photoshopped. What really caused the tracks to curve like this was an earthquake!

Are these surfers paddling into their tentacled doom?

Don't worry, those aren't tentacles of sea monsters. It's seaweed.

Feast your eyes on this huge beauty.

It almost looks like a prop, but it's a real goldfish some lucky fishermen caught. It weighs 33 pounds!

A skeletal ice form left behind after a car left the parking spot.

Amazing how it's still standing on its own. It really looks like ice forming around an invisible car.

Everything looks normal... until you see it.

Maybe the person in the costume could have gotten away with it if he or she was behind a real set of cones instead of in the front row.

Just two parents taking a family photo with their happy family.

And yes, their family is full of monkeys.

This can be a very confusing photo to an outside perspective.

The answer is simple: a whale decided to stop by and watch the wedding ceremony.

So does this subway station go all the way to the North Pole?

Because that's the only explanation that makes sense in this situation, right?

This photo is so trippy that it looks like it's meant to be an optical illusion.

However, it's a real photo of men in uniform who are just THAT perfectly in unison!

At first I thought why are the legs a different color from the feet.

And then I realized that socks were present.

Oh you know, just trying to get rid of all the snow.

Sometimes you gotta think outside of the box when you don't have a shovel.

How did a gigantic whale fly in a sky like that?

Well, it's not an actual whale -- just a massive air balloon of one during the Festival of Winds!

War on the toughest stains, sniping dirt from a far.

But in all seriousness, is this supposed to be an advanced water gun?

That middle finger looks awfully bigger than it should be.

So is this person's hand just naturally like this or did the middle finger get swollen somehow?