She Transformed A Cheap Piece Of Foam Into Something That Every Home Décor Addict Should See.

She Transformed A Cheap Piece Of Foam Into Something That Every Home Décor Addict Should See. March 28, 2017

We’re constantly on the lookout for DIY projects that actually look approachable, as opposed to arts and crafts that will inevitably end in blood, sweat, and **lots and lots of tears.** If you’re into luxurious home interiors but you don’t have a huge budget, this DIY leather tufted headboard just might be the thing for you – We promise it’s easier than that sofa you tried to make out of paper plates.The only things you need to make this headboard are a large piece of foam, ply wood, leather or leather-look fabric, and plain buttons with a button presser (found at all craft stores for under $10). Cut the foam to the measurement required for the head of your bed. Glue the foam to your plywood board.

Then, put holes in the foam using a screwdriver. Place the holes about 3/4 inches apart. These will serve to create the tufts in your leather.

Lay the leather fabric over the piece of foam to make sure the entire thing is covered.

Make sure to line up the leather perfectly, as this will be the front of the headboard. Staple the leather down to the edges and trim away the excess.

Around this point in the project, it’s prudent to bring the headboard into the room where you want to have it. There, finish stapling the excess fabric around the edges until it’s completely taut.

Remember the excess leather that you trimmed? Don’t throw it away – you’ll use it to create the buttons that will be at the center of the tufts.

String the buttons through the holes, one-by-one. Be sure to sew them with tough string, as they may come loose if you don’t. To make it easier, string the buttons before you sew them onto the board.

Also, sew the buttons in rows. This will definitely make the process easier and faster.

When you’re finished, you’ll have a headboard that looks expensive, even though you spent a small amount of time and money making it happen.