28 Foods That You Didn’t Know Are Bad For Your Teeth.

28 Foods That You Didn’t Know Are Bad For Your Teeth. December 23, 2017

Everyone knows that it’s important to brush and floss your teeth and avoid candy, but many don’t know that there are other foods that are just as bas as eating candy. Check out the surprising list of foods below.This is the most basic thing for your children.

Unless with additional sugar, fresh juice it’s great.

Yes, fruit is healthy but not the kind made with corn syrup and other chemicals.

While your children watch TV, what kind of snacks they consume? Does it contain sugar?

Citric fruits can irritate mouth sores and erode enamel of teeth.

Of course you have ice cubes in your fridge. They are not damaging. But if they chew the ice cubes, for sure it’s bad.

What? Potato chip? Yes. They are containing starch, with high possibility of them trapped between teeth.

Using no sugar nor creamer is almost impossible in consuming coffee, unfortunately.

As it is sticky, they can stay in teeth rather than other foods.

Beside that it made from sugar, their sticky texture is also bad for teeth.

The vinegar in pickles is acidic and very hard on the teeth.

They are converted to sugar quick, it provides the forming of bacteria.

Black tea will stain in teeth, just like wine.

Pasta contains high carbohydrate. Better you switch it to brown rice or sweet potatoes.

The colors can be absorbed to teeth. Important to brush afterwards.

Basically, all foods with dark color will affect teeth enamels

If you spill wine on the table cloth, there will be stain. So will in your teeth.

There are vitamins that can be chewed and it is the favorite of children. Apparently, they have high acid to harm teeth.

Chewing bread will make the enzyme in saliva breaks down and it will converted to sugar

Check the ingredients. Is it containing vinegar?

Consumption of alcohol can cause saliva reduced and mouth dry, at the end, gum disease

Apple is really healthy for body but not for teeth. It has high acidic to erode enamels. Always brush after eating.

It has really low pH with high acid contains, even higher than lemon

It is sticky, and lead to bacteria growth

It is a hyper-pigmented food to cause your smile no longer white

Contains a lot of sugar and sticks to teeth.

Moreover, with sugar, ice cubes, and acid. Huge no-no!

Energy drink is the second worst after sport dinks from the worst beverages