Heart-Warming Reaction Of A Dog On Seeing His Owner After A Week

Heart-Warming Reaction Of A Dog On Seeing His Owner After A Week April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The love between a human and a dog is something that not everyone gets to experience. There are certain incidents that prove that they are capable of loving much more than most humans. One such incident that has gone viral on the social media involves an amazing canine and his human.

They are cheerful, lively and playful souls that brighten up your life. They are bundles of pure joy and affection who ask for nothing but love in return.

Mark O’Neill and his partner Kerrigan Renniegade, the residents of the town of Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, adopted a rescued dog named Patch. After being rescued by Scottish SPCA, the Staffordshire bull terrier lived in kennels before landing in his forever happy home.

So when he had to go to London for the treatment, the canine was left heartbroken. This gave Kerrigan the idea to film Mark’s return. When Mark returned, Kerrigan filmed the entire episode on the camera.

Witnessing the quite unexpected reaction of the dog, Kerrigan said, “He always gets excited when Mark pops to the shops and comes home, but this was completely different.”

It shows Mark opening the door and Patch, unable to contain his excitement, jumping onto his beloved human. He literally leaped up into Mark’s arms and showered his love in the form of licks while wagging his tail uncontrollably.

The two year old dog can be seen full of excitement and love for his owner. Mark could be heard saying in the video, “Where’s my boy? I missed you too.”

He didn’t understand, we did FaceTime and he heard his voice but he didn’t know what was going on and would let out a little cry.”

Within short period of time, the dog understood the medical condition of Mark so well that whenever he was sick or was about to have a seizure, he would simply go and lie on top of him.

On seeing such an overwhelming reaction to the video, the couple said that, ‘We’re really happy, the reaction has been so positive. Rescue dogs are the best, and there’s a lot of stigma attached to Patch’s breed – so we’re really glad that people are noticing that it’s all about the owner and how you love the dog, rather than the breed.’

On remembering the dog’s first night with the couple, Kerrigan said, ‘The bed we ordered for him hadn’t arrived in time so on his first night he snuggled up in between us on our bed, and he gave us this face I’ll never forget.’

**Watch the heart-warming video to that clearly shows the unconditional love between a dog and his best friend.**

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