50 Thought-Provoking Art Pieces That (Rightfully) Slam Current Society.

50 Thought-Provoking Art Pieces That (Rightfully) Slam Current Society. June 26, 2020

Artists can use their creativity to make people see the truth, and that’s a good thing. Personal creativity has allowed these artists to communicate feelings and thoughts through artistic expressions that will comfort some and disturb others. Sometimes, we don’t always see the issues that are right in front of us. But in this case, all it took was a series of paintbrush strokes to make people see how messed up the world really is. So, while these illustrations may not use verbal language or written words, they’re certainly powerful enough to remind people how backwards society has become. To prove it, here is a series of collections from some of the most creative art around.

As humans, we tend to litter everywhere. In the not so distant future, we’ll probably start colonizing the moon only to find that the trash we dumped years ago, has come back to haunt us. This illustration reminds us that if we don’t figure out better ways to dispose of trash, we’ll run out of space.

Piraro shows humanity evolving from the sea, turning into primates, and eventually into prehistoric humans, before evolving into modern day people. But the evolution takes humanity back to the sea… to pollute the waters from which Piraro believes we came from.

People are always running around trying to get things done, whether they’re racing to get to work on time or to get home. But people don’t always take the time to slow down and focus on the things that really matter.

In this illustration, a man chooses to live in the cold and the darkness. He even cuts the sticks on a ladder in order to make a fire to stay warm. But he is totally oblivious to the fact that he could have kept the ladder as it was in order to climb out of the hole he was stuck in.

It’s common for people to get tricked into this notion that money is everything and that it can buy you a life of luxury. In this depiction, it shows how money is not really going to stir you towards happiness, but rather an early grave.

Athletes who were once used to inspire are now being used as instruments for the advertisement industry. This illustration shows how one athlete is covered with ads to demonstrate how endorsements have become a higher priority than entertaining the masses.

There is no zombie virus out there, but according to Cutts, people have become so dependent on technology, particularly smartphones. In fact, when these devices are lost or misplaced, people tend to go nuts. This artwork reminds people to focus on the present and avoid electronic distractions.

Mowse drew a picture of an obese American enjoying fast food and holding a machine gun with his free hand. These elements offer a cliche so-called truth about Americans where the United States, often seen as a place where dreams come true, is now full of individuals who are wasting their lives away.

People tend to alienate themselves because they are busy with work. So, they create these bubbles that keep other people away. But to make things worse, it also keeps the person in the bubble from actually living a happy, healthy life with loved ones because they’re too busy focusing on work.

Banksy’s artwork comes from a place of broken dreams and there isn’t a single art piece that doesn’t offer the truth, no matter how harsh it might seem. This artwork shows us how naive we are before society ultimately brings us down and crushes us.

In this art piece, physicians have become vending machines with slots in on their backs so people can keep feeding them money. These days, the only people who can get decent health care are the ones who can actually pay for it, because even a simple checkup can cost an arm and a leg.

At some point, machines will be the ones doing everything for us, including feeding us an insane amount of fast food. Meanwhile, our bodies won’t just get stuck to a couch, our entire musculatures will turn into the couch.

The body becomes a fussy child that needs to be tempered. In this case, drugs act like a pacifier for the terrible urge an addict feels. This illustration definitely puts the spotlight on the growing issue of substance abuse issues in today’s society.

The women who were left behind to take care of the family don’t often get credit because men are often put on pedestals. It speaks volumes about equality or lack thereof, and what the wives of these soldiers had to go through while their husbands went off to war.

In this chilling artistic depiction, the wealthy get to live in sheer luxury, while on the other side, one individual is struggling to get through another miserable day living on the streets with minimal resources.

Kids often start out happy, but as they grow older, they are brainwashed into thinking that material things bring happiness and that money is everything. Eventually, what the world ends up with are a bunch of people whose dreams, innocence, and happiness have been lost.

They’re too busy focusing on the soccer game playing on their television. Sadly, Dran’s illustration reminds us that we tend to distract ourselves in order to avoid the sad realities of the world. Eventually, entertainment blinds us to the truth.

Over the years, politicians have managed to lose credibility. And in this illustration, it shows how one politician’s words, which are spoken through microphones, simply ends up coming out like sewage that is more fitting in the gutter than in people’s ears.

This image serves to remind us that while we sit at a McDonald’s stuffing our faces with food, there are men, women, and children starving in the world. Quiles is simply highlighting a global issue that we often don’t take the time to think about.

In this illustration, it shows that women have to follow certain standards about how they look, which often includes having their hair and makeup in a certain way. If a woman rejects what society expects of them, they are seen as unattractive and cut off from the rest of society.

It isn’t Santa who fills the bottom of Christmas trees with gifts. It’s actually China and other countries who manufacture toys and other products in unfavorable work factories like sweatshops. So next time you think you’re getting something affordable, think of the ethical repercussions.

This illustration depicts how much we rely on alcohol and the way that it can end up consuming our lives. Like fish, we are lured in by a bottle and we end up consuming more than we can actually handle. But unlike fish, we get to live after we get hooked, but it’s not really much of a life, is it?

In order to satiate one’s ego and sense of self-esteem and self-importance, people will reach out to family, friends, and perfect strangers on social media to get likes, follows and comments, all of which will give them the boost they think they need.

There’s always someone who is richer and gets to suck resources dry to satiate their lavish lifestyle, while others struggle. This art piece reminds people that there are plenty of people suffering, while selfish people do nothing to lend a hand.

While the world may be filled with people who have graduated from college, there are plenty of people out there who are struggling to find a decent job. So, while everyone pushes people to study hard when they’re young, the sad truth is that they’ll struggle like crazy after graduation.

Freedom is what people believe they have until it’s time to paint the truth. That’s when the truth hits people like a police baton and suddenly, the illusion of freedom is shattered. In reality, human society is controlled by political leaders, so, in essence, there is no freedom of expression.

Kuczynski’s vision focuses on the notion that humanity hasn’t achieved true freedom, at least, not with the political system and the way we place so much value on physical things. In essence, people are still wearing shackles of different color, but they’re still bound to them like the slaves of the past.

When it comes time to voting, the rich and powerful influence our decisions through the news and social media to pick the political party we think is best for us, but this artist believes that we are just pawns in an elaborate game.

There are some people who would prefer to do bad things that put others in dangers for no good reason at all. Even the concept of peace isn’t safe from ridicule and harm because there are people who benefit financially from conflict and war.

The artist reminds us that we’ve forgotten to treat our bodies like temples. So, instead, we simply stuff our faces full of the latest fast food obsessions. The artist wants to point out that living like this is isn’t right and that we have to change.

These brands have become embedded in our brains and their messages have shaped and influenced our minds. So, for most of us, it’s simply common to support these brands because they’ve essentially brainwashed everyone and now control the mindset of societies worldwide.

Quiles shares how hypocritical society is because they tell people at a young age that they can become anything they want, but stereotypes force young people to make choices, which they are convinced are gender or racially specific.

There are some folks who are practically falling off the face of the Earth in order to find these Pokemon characters who only exist in the digital world. Of course, it’s not just this game. Society itself has become way too dependent on technology.

In this illustration, a kid topples over a small domino, which causes the much larger pieces to fall. As grim as this looks, the drawing also reminds us that people are never too young to start thinking about the consequences of their actions. This way, they can avoid making bad choices.

These non-thinking soldiers would easily follow orders. In the illustration, you can see that the soldier has no head, and he can’t think. So, in a time when soldiers need to get tough and put an end to war, the powers that be would prefer that their troops simply not think.

In reality, you see a man in a suit with a bouquet standing in front of the mirror, but in the reflection, all you see is a depressed clown. The clown reflects the insecurity the man feels about himself. He obviously thinks that the person he’s going to see on a date will think he’s inadequate.

No matter how young or how old you are, everything that you do in life leads to the same results. We’re all going to die one day. It also illustrates how close family members and friends are to death every year. Quiles isn’t trying to make people fear death. It’s just a reminder that death will come at some point.

Babies don’t start out having opinions. It’s the beliefs that people force on them that has this unknown artist worried. This image shows how adults are brainwashed from an early age to accept the values and mindset of society without giving them the chance to choose their own path.

In the drawing, Quiles points out that while religion can provide people with a great deal of spiritual and emotional comfort, there are essentials like food and water, which a belief system simply can’t replace. There’s nothing wrong with teaching spirituality so long as the physical health is tended to first.

Banksy modernized the old saying, “let them eat cake,” which was said by French queen, Marie Antoinette in regards to the starving peasants in France. In this instance, it highlights the drug crisis that often affects people living in poverty.

In one image, a seal gets payback on a human by using a club. Meanwhile, a lion gets revenge against the hunter who tried to end him. In another image, a bull takes the spear the matador was using to tease him. Finally, a fox wears a woman as a coat. These images urge people to be kinder to animals.

Earth is portrayed as a soccer ball and the players are Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump, and North Korean President Kim Jong-un. Quiles even drew the players wearing the same uniform, which insinuates that they’re all conspiring to alter the world for their vision of the future.

Often times, the best way to teach others how it feels being treated badly is to give them a dose of their own medicine. In the end, it sounds harsh, but this illustration will make people see that they can’t continue to ignore the way society is treating animals.

In this insane world, this unknown artist shows how it could be Uncle Sam, the Illuminati, or even aliens from another world who are pulling the strings of society. Either way, it seems like these elite groups have taken charge of modern day society, and individuals have no say in the matter.

The government may have been lying to society for several years. That’s not much of a shocker, but in this illustration, it shows that the Washington Monument was built from the foundation of all those lies. This points out that trusting the government can be a tough thing to do these days.

In this case, the crocodile represents the tax cuts given to the wealthy, which is practically sinking the boat. Meanwhile, welfare for those who have lost their job have no place on the boat, and yet, if corporations and the wealthy were taxed correctly, everyone would live a little easier.

Everything that you do throughout your life will lead up to this and each second that passes brings you that much closer to that big old dirty nap. But no one really knows just how long they have on this Earth, so it’s probably better to focus on being happy while there’s still time.

Women can feel physically uncomfortable in today’s society when a man can’t stop staring at them as though they were some sort of object. It’s a common problem in society that needs to be stopped before it creates even more unsuitable situations for women.

While one child gets to pull a toy train around, another one has to pull an actual train around in order to earn some money to scrape by. Kuczynski’s vision shows how children around the world are raised in different conditions based on their backgrounds. But lives still matter, regardless.

It’s a cycle that most people don’t really understand, but essentially, people throw away all the money they have earned in order to buy a bunch of useless items that they have been told that they can’t live without.