Heartbroken Dog Mourns At His Owner’s Grave.

Heartbroken Dog Mourns At His Owner’s Grave. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Unless you’re the proud owner of a dog, you don’t really have a clue as to how strong the bond can be between a dog and its human. It’s a beautiful thing while a dog and its owner are alive, but when one or the other passes away, it can leave the other absolutely heartbroken. While this is typically the case for humans, most people don’t realize that a dog can be just as sad as a human. Grab your box of tissues and keep reading to discover just how sad a dog can be when they lose the human they love the most.Luckily for Zozo, it didn’t take long for him to be adopted by a man named Zafer Öztürk from Ordu, Turkey. After Zozo and Zafer bonded with one another, Zozo was brought to Zafer’s home where they continued to enjoy spending time with one another.

In a very human-like way, Zozo became extremely sad at the passing of his human. When Zafer’s family visited the man’s grave for the very first time, they realized just how sad Zozo had become.

With the family watching on, Zozo did everything he could to get as close as he possibly could to Zafer. From that day one, every time they visited their father’s grave, Zozo was brought along for the ride.

Not only did the family start bringing Zozo every time they went to the grave when they would visit, but Zozo has even been caught running away to Zafer’s final resting spot on several occasions.

“We’ve [had] a lot of dogs before, but I’ve never seen this [type of behavior]. Zozo really is a different kind of dog,” said Zafer’s grandson. It’s painfully clear how much this dog loved his owner. Hopefully, this sad pup will find peace as time passes. Until then, you can find him at his human’s grave, crying out into the night.

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