Heartbroken Dog Stared Out The Window Constantly, But Then His Owner Wrote A Note To The Neighbor.

Heartbroken Dog Stared Out The Window Constantly, But Then His Owner Wrote A Note To The Neighbor. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

For the past year, Kacy’s dog, would stare out the window three times per day longingly, his gaze piercing through a neighbor’s living room across the one-thousand-yard distance. Initially, the owner assumed that her pooch wanted to go play outside. But whenever she tried to take him for a walk, the dog refused to move, and Kacy couldn’t figure out why. She didn’t have a clue what had captured her dog’s attention in this manner. But that was the least of her worries, cause after a year of being stalked by her dog, Kacy’s neighbor took a stand, and that’s when everything changed for them.

People and their pets have more in common than we might realize. Much the same as in the human world, there’s just a single reason why we would waste our time looking out a window for a year and that reason is love. Now you’re probably thinking that animals can’t get all starry eyed in loved. Oddly enough, many humans feel that animals are incapable of love. But if there’s one thing animals are good at is proving us wrong. So, if that love scene with the spaghetti string from “Lady and the Tramp” didn’t convince you animals can love, then this story will.

It all began when Reddit user, kacyyy, noticed that her dog was behaving strangely. Each and every day, her canine would gate out the window. It wasn’t the typical “let’s watch traffic go by” sort of stare. He was gazing at something in particular. But Kacy didn’t have a clue what had captivated her canine’s attention for all this time. Was it a human, a thing, or a ghost? It was difficult to tell since Kacy was rarely at home during the day, so she couldn’t see what had her dog so mesmerized.

Kacy was a busy little beaver running errands or going to work, but the wheels in her brain were turning as she tried to figure out what her pooch was so fixated on. At first, Kacy thought that it might be a squirrel or perhaps, a whole group of squirrels, but there weren’t any around. So, on her day off, she decided to stay home the vast majority of the time to finally figure out her dog’s secret.

While staring at the TV, Kacy saw something. Her pooch was gazing into the neighbor’s window, and sitting across from him was the neighbor’s cat. Kacy didn’t trouble her canine decided to watch the two quietly. The kitty sat by the window and appeared to be staring right back at the pooch. This continued for two hours. Then Kacy looked over at the neighbor’s window and saw the feline nestled into a ball, resting, while the canine kept on gazing. This was so odd because her pooch didn’t really care for cats.

Although everyone believes that dogs and cats are way too different to even be friends, that’s not always the case. In fact, they are more alike than unalike. For one thing, they have similar personality traits, and contrary to popular belief, they’re not always at each other’s throat. So, if you’ve heard rumors that dogs and cats can’t get along, then guess again. But if you’re still finding the concept of love between these two species impossible, then keep on reading.

As Kacy continued to watch her dog, she wondered if her neighbor’s cat was returning the attention. It turns out, it was. Kacy noticed the cat was staring right back at her pooch. So, Kacy decided to continue observing for a few days, and it brought a smile to her face to see how they just stared at one another affectionately for hours. She couldn’t believe it! Was the connection between these two real? Kacy decided to find out by doing something many of us would be too afraid to do.

Kacy had gotten used to seeing her dog looking out the window and stalking her neighbor’s cat. So, imagine her shock when she walked downstairs one day and noticed that something had changed. Her dog was lying down instead of looking out the window. At first, she thought he was sick. Then she looked at his bowl and noticed he hadn’t had a single bite of his food. Kacy chose to wait a few days to see if her dog’s behavior changed, and it did, but not in the way she expected it.

Kacy’s dog started acting out, which was unusual for the pooch. So, she took him to the vet, but they found nothing wrong with him. It turns out, he was doing great, at least physically. Kacy found this odd because her dog was usually cheerful, but now he would just lay on the floor. If she didn’t know better, she would have assumed he was depressed. The vet asked her if the dog’s diet, sleeping patterns, or physical activity had changed. Despite Kacy’s answer, the vet found nothing wrong. Then Kacy, took him home, and that’s when she realized that something was seriously wrong with her beloved pet.

When Kacy got home from the vet, her dog rushed back to his spot on the floor, laid down, and looked depressed. He didn’t even make an effort to look out the window. Then Kacy took a peek out the window and realized that what had changed. Her neighbor had added a bunch of potted plants in the window and it was blocking her dog’s line of sight. Suddenly, it became clear. Her dog was bummed out because he’d been cut off from his feline pal. That’s when Kacy came up with a plan to help.

Kacy had done everything she could think of to cheer her dog up. She tried playing with him. She even took him for a walk and bought him a few toys, but nothing was changing her dog’s mood. He would, however, accept tasty treats, but that was about it. Nothing else she did was helping and it worried Kacy a great deal. After wracking her brains out trying to figure out what to do next, she came up with a solution that some might have found a bit crazy. But she was willing to try anything to help her pooch out.

Most people would have given up on their pets by now, but Kacy was different. She was cooler and she knew that her neighbor’s cat had somehow made her dog very happy, so she was determined to do whatever it took to bring that happiness back to him. So, she decided to reach out to her neighbor and discuss the situation. It was pretty much her only shot and what she ended up doing had a 50/50 chance of working. She just hoped that her neighbor was open to it.

Kacy was optimistic that her neighbor would be kind-hearted. The only thing was, she wasn’t sure because they didn’t really know each other. Still, it was worth a shot, so she wrote a letter describing what she’d learned about her dog staring at the cat over the last year. She then asked her neighbor to get rid of the potted plants from the window so that her dog could gaze upon his feline love. Then she taped the note on their door and waited for her neighbor to respond.

Kacy wasn’t sure how her neighbor would react to the note she posted on their door. She just hoped that her neighbor wouldn’t think she was certifiably nuts. She had lived next to her neighbor for quite a while and she didn’t want to get a bad reputation. Fortunately, the agonizing wait was finally over. The neighbor left her a reply the next day and she was totally blown away by her neighbor’s reaction!

Her neighbor replied with a note, and they were more than happy to give the plants a different home in the interest of being neighborly. In the end, her neighbor agreed with Kacy that love conquered all, even Mother Nature. Now it was just a matter of seeing if the dog and cat really did love each other, or if it was just some weird coincidence. Would they go back to staring at each other through the window, or had the love gone fizzled out of their long-distance relationship?

Kacy and her neighbor were ecstatic to learn that the dog and cat had gone back to staring at each other through the window. Best of all, Kacy’s dog was no longer depressed. Why would he be? He was able to see his friend again. From that point on, the two continued their romance across the distance. Ultimately, they proved that love really does conquer all, regardless of distance or species. Now that’s the kind of lesson in love that everyone should try to learn.

Kacy’s dog and her neighbor’s cat aren’t the only interspecies friendship stories. Kodi, an Alaskan malamute and Myshkin, a black kitten had formed a bond too. When Myshkin was just 10 weeks old, Kodi allowed the kitty to use his coat for warmth while he protected her with love and kindness. He didn’t even mind that Myshkin used her sharp claws on Kodi as if he were a living scratching post. Kodi put up with a lot for his feline friend, but that love was always reciprocated. And when Kodi developed cancer, Myshkin returned the favor by looking after him and never leaving his side. If that’s not a testament to friendship and dedication, we don’t know what is.

Named after the infamous friends from the film, “Fried Green Tomatoes,” Ruth and Idgie’s friendship was unstoppable, which started kind of sad. You see, both animals were abandoned. Since then, Idgie the dog had been Ruth the cat’s bodyguard. Fortunately, the two survivors now get to lead a good life in a nice cozy home with a loving family.

Scout the cat and Charlie the dog have a unique friendship that can’t be beat. In fact, there was nothing they wouldn’t do without each other. They supported one another through thick and thin. But sadly, this story has a heartbreaking ending. When Charlie passed away, Scout simply couldn’t recover from the loss. As a matter of fact, the only way the cat would even sleep was if her owners would play videos of Charlie on the computer. This just proves that animals have a range of emotions, just like we do, even grief, and that the word family isn’t limited to one’s own species.

We’d love to tell you that Kacy and her neighbors fell for each other after their pets hooked up, but this isn’t a Meg Ryan movie. But it certainly does feel like a fairy tale with a happy ending. Maybe Hollywood should consider turning Kacy’s dog and her neighbor’s cat into an adorable kid’s movie, because who doesn’t love animals? More importantly, who could ever say no to love? Kacy’s dog and her neighbor’s cat certainly can’t. They don’t even care that they’re yards apart as long as they see each other.

Did this change your mind about the absurd notion that animals can’t feel emotions like falling in love? If you’re a pet owner, we’re sure this heartwarming story has made you change your mind. Who knows? Maybe your pet might have a love life that you knew nothing about, so keep an eye out. But don’t worry, if your friends or family don’t believe you. Share your animal lover’s story because with the way the world is now, we could all use a dose of love and adorable cuteness in our lives.

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