Heidi Klum Enjoys 10-Day Vacation In St. Barts With Her Children.

Heidi Klum Enjoys 10-Day Vacation In St. Barts With Her Children. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Heidi Klum has become a household name over the years, and you’d have to be blind not to see why. For starters, the former model is everywhere. Not only does she host *Project Runway*, but *America’s Got Talent* too. But the amazing thing about Heidi, aside from her awesome accent, is how ageless she seems to be for a gal nearing 45. Whatever her secret is, we want it now!The Project Runway host was making hearts flutter as she strolled around in a printed two-piece string bikini during her family vacay in Saint Barthélemy.

At 5ft 9 inches, the former model was flaunting her great looks at the beach, while spending a little quality time with her family during a 10-day vacation.

Then again, who wants to look at themselves in her reflective sunglasses when there’s so much to look at from the neck down?

Her abs look great, and so do her legs. She can even move like a Burlesque dancer at 44 years old, when most people her age can’t even stand without cramping.

The German-American bombshell posted on her Instagram that “We LOVE You, St. Barth!” Thank you. Until Next Time,” to her 12.6 million followers.

Obviously, the Emmy winner can, and loved taking time off to spend with her family in one of the most awesome islands in the Caribbean.

She also loved spending some time with her 12-year-old son, Henry, whom she kissed with tenderness. Hopefully, he wasn’t too embarrassed, because you know how moms are.

Maybe it’s a German thing, who knows? But we know it was just a sweet moment between mother and son and nothing more.

So, it’s likely that she was wearing swimwear from her own brand, which is a major achievement for the former Victoria’s Secret Angel and SI Swimsuit cover girl.

She’s flawless, despite the fact that she’s circling towards 45, and we certainly want her secret, or at the very least, her figure so we can wear a skimpy swimsuit too.

Not only has she been hosting AGT, but she’s also wrapped up filming the 16th season of Project Runway, which is set to premiere on Lifetime on August 17.

At this vacay, everyone came together to have a lot of fun, unwind, and bond, which is undoubtedly rare given that Heidi’s a single mom and extremely busy.

Schnabel and Heidi have been dating since 2014, which wasn’t too long after she and Seal called it quits. But clearly, this was only a moment for mommy and the kids.

We’re so used to seeing her on the runway, on a panel of judges, or strutting the runway on Project Runway, but we sure do love that maternal glow she’s emanating.

Then again, we would too, if we had a figure like hers, and a relaxing holiday wouldn’t hurt either, so good for you Heidi. Hope you had fun.

She’s certainly doing an awesome job at wowing her followers. We can’t wait to see what Heidi’s next adventure will bring, but until then… auf wiedersehen!

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