Watch ONE Guy Sing ‘Hello’ As THIRTY Different Cartoon Characters…

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When Adele released her song “Hello” on October, 2015, countless tributes, mashups, and parodies were made. Each video wanted to outdo the last one with its own original take on the now classic track. And just when you think there is nothing new that can be done with the song, we are pleasantly surprised to find out otherwise. YouTuber Brian Hall has made his cover in multiple voices from famous Disney and Pixar characters. Hall starts the ballad with funny guy, Olaf from *Frozen*. He adds famous and loveable cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Timmon, to the latest addition to the Disney family, Flash from *Zootopia*. Hall throws a couple villains in the mix like Gaston from *Beauty and the Beast* and Iago from *Aladdin*. It’s hard to choose a favourite voice since they are all executed to perfection. Disney needs to hire this guy right away.
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