Watch Sansa Stark Read Adele’s ‘Hello’ In The Voice Of Jon Snow… LOL.

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*Game of Thrones* fans are anxiously waiting for the season premiere this month. There’s the anticipation to know if our favourite characters will survive another episode in the bloody fantasy world of Westeros and Essos. Actor Sophie Turner decided to have a little fun and prove she is not the sad and suffering lady Sansa Stark she plays in the series. The English thespian takes a jab at impersonating her dark and moody half-brother from the show, Jon Snow. If this was not challenging enough, she must act like Snow while reciting Adele’s "Hello" ballad. Turner’s career is expanding beyond the Seven Kingdoms, she will appear next in the latest Marvel, *X-Men: Apocalypse* as Jean Grey. And just when you think she is finished her impersonations she surprises us with her take on Wolverine and Professor X. Fans will want Turner to stick to dramatic scenes after you watch this hilarious video.