Inventor Creates Life-Saving Tool For Honeybees.

Inventor Creates Life-Saving Tool For Honeybees. May 21, 2021

It goes without saying that the world needs honeybees in order to survive. Unfortunately, throughout the past few decades, the honeybee population has significantly decreased. Thanks to human error, these pollinators are having a difficult time finding the necessary food they need to survive, but that’s where this brilliant inventor stepped in to help find a short-term solution to the problem.When a honeybee is flying from flower to flower, they use an incredible amount of energy. Unfortunately, because of their super speedy metabolism, honeybees can starve if they’re not able to find flowers or nectar within just 40 minutes after their last meal.

If you have, then there’s actually a really good chance that the bee was unable to find food, and it was starving right in front of your very eyes. Dan Harris knew that this was a major problem for bees, so he decided to do something about it.

These Savior Cards come complete with a little bit of sugar water to help the tired bee get an energy boost to move on to the next flower. While these may be great for a short-term solution, ecologists explain that people need to be extremely mindful of how they handle exhausted honeybees.

They have advised people not to feed stationary honeybees at the end of summer because they’re typically worker bees who have been shunned from their hive, and feeding them will only cause them to struggle more. Also, since sugar water is essentially devoid of all proteins, humans are encouraged to move hungry honeybees to a flower, rather than give them sugar water.

While speaking to BBC, Harris said: “When we heard about bees getting so exhausted so quickly, the fact that we can revive them with sugar solution just struck us as a really great opportunity to connect with nature – especially in a city.” The refillable cards will be available online starting in June.