Here’s An Instagram Account That Is Literally Dead.

Here’s An Instagram Account That Is Literally Dead. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Social media manager Dana Herlihey took a Halloween office joke and turned into an Instagram sensation. Last October, Herlihey and her coworkers got a plastic skeleton in the mail. Herilhey told [Buzzfeed][1], “Someone taped a Starbucks cup to the skeleton’s hand and I took the photo for my personal Instagram.” Herihey thought it would be funny for the skeleton to have her own Instagram account so she created a profile for her, [omgliterallydead][2]. The modern day woman named Skellie can be seen shopping, being pampered at the spa, celebrating Christmas, eating sushi dinners, and watching reruns of *Friends*. Since autumn, Skellie has garnered almost 75,000 followers. Heriley explained, “Some people love it, laugh, ask to take a photo, or make a witty pun as they pass by. Others will pretend there is no skeleton sitting beside me or give me frequent disapproving side-eye glances.” [1]: http://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelwmiller/this-instagram-account-literally-cant-even-and-its-amazing#.gkZ5NZB7Qd [2]: http://instagram.com/omgliterallydead

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