Here’s How Teachers Around The World Punish Their Students.

Here’s How Teachers Around The World Punish Their Students. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Without a doubt, teachers have one of the most important jobs in our society, to teach and mold our children into becoming the perfect adult, but how efficient are teachers these days? After all, today’s youth is a bit more rebellious, and kids tend to find more interesting things to distract themselves with thanks to technology, which can make teachers snap and enforce some major disciplinary actions. So here are some ways teachers are taking care of business.After teachers broke up the altercation, they were given a choice, either face suspension or sit in the courtyard holding each other’s hands while their fellow students humiliated them.

Some teachers feel that the best way to get a student’s grades up is by having them wear a sign that proclaims that they failed an exam, or was being the class clown.

It’s popular, and it won’t get teachers in trouble, plus it’s been a time-honored punishment that teachers have been more than happy to hand out to troublemakers.

Basically, the first time they misbehave the teacher will put their name up on the board with a checkmark, if they mess up two more times, they wind up isolated from the rest.

Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp brought one in and used it on some of her students, but the students fought back, took photos which were posted on Facebook, and the teacher wound up suspended.

Thousands of teachers around the world use humiliation as a behavior modification tactic without realizing that it will only make the child feel isolated and resentful of authority.

In Nepalese schools, teachers tend to punish their students by forcing them to kneel and hold their ears in front of the class. Now that’s one way to scar them for life.

In Japan, when a student gets a bad grade, they’ll be forced to smell the armpits of their classmates in front of everyone. Now that’s a stinky situation you’ll want to avoid.

Japanese girls, who are in contact with another boy or a man, are forced to stand in front of the entire school with their underwear down to their knees to deter them from doing it again.

In some countries, it can be normal to take both hands to a student’s skull and pressing on their head until they’re in pain. Then there’s the old hitting student’s hands with a ruler.

You won’t be using them for a while after a teacher makes you lay on the floor with other underperforming students while he rides a bicycle over your hands.

In 2009, one teacher in New Jersey had allegedly forced a fifth grader to eat lunch off the floor after the student allegedly spilled water while refilling a cooler.

Summer Larsen, a fourth grade Idaho teacher, gave her students the option of either not going to recess or allowing their classmates to write on their faces with permanent marker.

So some teachers will return the favor and cut off their student’s hair. Back in 2010, a Milwaukee public school teacher allegedly cut the braid of third grader Lamya Cammon.

When a teacher has tried and tried again and a child won’t listen, they might lose their composure and mouth off things like “nobody likes you” or “you’re useless” and that’s the worst punishment of all.

So if you wanted to avoid getting hit on the head, on the shoulders, arms or hands, you really had to do good in school south of the border, or else you would have incurred your teacher’s wrath.

We’re talking about corporal punishment, which may involve slapping a student across the face or worse despite certain laws banning it. Even little children aren’t spared this type of discipline.

It’s not physically harmful and gets rid of the problem, at least for a time. Now this could result in the parent becoming physically abusive to their child, but that’s not the school’s problem.

How about sending them to the monster closet? It happened to five-year-old Tanner Cagle from Washington Elementary School when her teacher locked him up for over an hour.

Since there’s nothing that a student hates more than schoolwork, a teacher will assign a massive amount of homework and an unrealistic due date for which he or she must complete it.

Most students who have suffered some form of punishment wind up becoming more rebellious, or they wind up hating school altogether rather than embracing their studies more.

Since teachers in some parts of the world can’t punish a student physically, they leave that to their parents by snitching on them and letting them know their child is doing poorly in school.

These students will end up struggling with self-esteem issues and may even grow up to defy authority figures, making it difficult to hold a job or avoid issues with the law.

While it certainly benefits the school, it doesn’t do a thing to help the student by pushing them out of the school system, where a child should always be, because learning is fundamental.

But one Kentucky schoolteacher stuffed 9-year-old autistic student Christopher Baker inside a duffel bag, which she called a therapy bag as a form of bizarre punishment.

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