Here’s What 10 Careers Pay In Different Countries Around The World.

Here’s What 10 Careers Pay In Different Countries Around The World. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Sure, you should never take a job just for the money (although we won’t judge you if you did). But if you were going to find a job you love, wouldn’t you at least be a little bit curious about how much money you could make doing that job elsewhere? The infographics below outline just how much the top earners in certain professions make in countries across the world, and the information just might surprise you. Who knew that Canadian firefighters would get paid the most, or that Norway (of all places) would put such high value on petroleum engineers? We’ve got ten professions and ten top salaries, and the locations they’re in are definitely eye-opening. If you can’t plan an intercontinental move any time soon, don’t worry: The United States just so happens to be a close second for most of these gigs.In the United States, public school teachers have a hard time of it — class schedules, parents, and classroom sizes can sometimes feel out of control. However, in Switzerland, teachers are a bit more respected, and becoming one can mean a comfortable life.

Who knew that in Spain, dentists were so highly sought-after, highly skilled, and most importantly, highly paid? Seriously — that’s more than double what they make in the United States!

Doctors in the United States generally make a decent salary, but it turns out that in the Netherlands, they can actually do better — it’s basically another low salary tacked onto the national average.

You’ve got to speak the language, but if you’re a Chinese person, going to law school isn’t a bad deal. The position is considered very prestigious, and is also extremely well-paid.

It makes sense that the highest paid construction jobs would be found in the UAE — there, construction demands to be bigger, better, more complicated, and requiring more skilled people at the helm.

It’s not super high-paid, but the danger and size of fires in Canada (particularly in the wild parts) might explain why in this country, firefighters get paid more.

Being a nurse in the European Union means you can work in any country that’s included — and you can get paid a nice salary to do so, too.

No, the highest salaries aren’t in Silicon Valley — they’re in Switzerland, where being a software developer can earn you a very pretty penny.

Who knew? Apparently, this profession can get you pretty far in Norway — though it’s not such a bad deal in the United States, either.

If you can get that working visa on lock, being a hotel receptionist in Australia is a pretty good gig. Plus, you get discounts on the rooms when your family visits you from across the pond.

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