Here’s What Happens When You Ask The Wrong Person For Photoshop Help.

Here’s What Happens When You Ask The Wrong Person For Photoshop Help. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Let’s face it. The internet is all smoke and mirrors, and you don’t always get the true story behind a pic. It’s safe to say that most of the pics we see online have been doctored thanks to Photoshop. If you want to get rid of wrinkles or put your head on someone else’s body, you can very well do it, that is, if you know how to edit pics. Well, James Fridman is a pro at editing with Photoshop, but he’s also one funny dude.

Fridman isn’t just a pro at Photoshop, he’s also a photo manipulating wizard with a funny bone. He was asked to edit a photo, but he turned that request into one literal creation that was hilarious. It left everyone laughing their butts off. Fridman’s got an entire site dedicated to sharing his hilarious interpretations of people’s Photoshop requests. He also shares these on Facebook and Twitter. So if you’re not a pro at editing, perhaps Fridman can lend a hand. If anything, you’ll have a nice laugh.

Fridman said, “I don’t consider myself a graphic designer, it is more of a hobby.” He continued by saying, “When I first started using image manipulation software, it was something new and not as widespread as it is now, so everyone was learning and experimenting. I did some funny edits for friends and family, and they ended up on the internet. Apparently, people found it quite entertaining and asked for more – that’s how I ended up creating my Twitter account.”

Thanks to his hilarious work, he’s got millions of people following him online. More specifically, 1.4 million on Twitter and a whopping 1.1 on Facebook. He gets sent tons of Photoshop requests. Everyone is in on the joke, as they know what his work is all about. Plus, he rarely pokes fun at the person in the photo, but rather makes fun at this whole culture of self-promotion, which makes everyone think they need to look perfect and edit their flaws.

You can tell that Fridman’s got the best intentions. Even though these images are meant to be funny, he still tries to get across a message of self-acceptance. It’s a powerful message, given that we live in a culture that’s all about selfies and self-criticism. Every single submission brings something different to the table. “I don’t really plan anything, it sort of happens naturally,” he shared. “I pick a request and react to it. Whether you call it trolling or something else, I don’t mind.” Well, the results are hilarious nonetheless.

We can’t really pinpoint what it is, but there’s something off about this gorgeous woman. Her hair is strikingly smooth, and her highlights game is on point. We’re loving the natural wavy hair she’s sporting as well, and her cheeks have been contoured to perfection. Maybe it’s the makeup that’s a bit off? Oh. Wait. We got it. It’s the brows. They’re just way too bushy. I think it’s time to shave them off, girl.

This guy wanted some drama in his pic. Fridman could’ve added a bear. What’s more dramatic than a bear? You’d run for the hills, or in this case, jump around. Instead, he added one scary element—adulthood. He should’ve included the rising costs of healthcare, a mortgage, 40-hour work weeks, the elevated costs of avocado, ($3!) the shaky political climate, and dealing with daily commute. Hell. We would’ve jumped away like a scaredy cat. We’re not going to lie!

Hmm, awkward much? If that woman would’ve been anyone other than this man’s daughter, we’d all just assume he was just another creep, checking out a sexy young girl. It’s totally okay to look, but the world would still think he’s sort of creepy. Now, the fact that this lovely lady is his daughter takes this photo to very awkward levels. That’s why Fridman decided to snap his neck completely and have him face the other way. Well done.

Admit it. There’s probably nothing worse than hanging out with someone who only wants to look at their phone. It’s seriously one of the rudest things you could do. This young woman finally had enough and asked Fridman for some Photoshop help. She wants to get her boyfriend’s attention, and she managed to do so in the best of ways. She didn’t send him a text or call him. Nope. Surprise hon, the baby is yours! Now she’s got his attention!

Women are always complaining about their bodies. They want flatter stomachs, bigger breasts, and even longer legs. Seriously, her legs were perfect to begin with, and they already look pretty long. Fridman wanted to show everyone just how silly her request was, to begin with. Even though she didn’t really need the alterations, he decided to add some editing touches and voila! You asked for it, and you got it…all seven feet of legs. Still, his funniest work is coming.

“Now everyone get together and on the count of three we’re going to jump as high as we can!” Everyone jumped and got a few feet off the ground, except for one unlucky girl. Her leap didn’t match up everyone else’s, even though she tried her hardest. Maybe all she needed was a little help from a trampoline that was carefully placed underneath. They should’ve gone this route to begin with. I bet they’re still waiting for her to come down.

Most of us put a lot of effort on our Facebook profile pics, and the same goes for Twitter and Instagram. It’s the first thing everybody sees on your account, right? This kid wanted to snap a photo next to his two friends, but he was trying to figure out a way to stand out, so that people wouldn’t confuse him with his two friends. Thanks to Fridman, the whole world knows it was you. It’s pretty obvious now!

Back in the day, people had to snap photos with actual real cameras and post them online. You know, before phones were basically computers, calculators, TVs, and cameras. Now those days are long gone. Nowadays when taking a mirror selfie with your phone, you know the phone’s going to be in the pic. It’s just logical. But this one guy didn’t see his request turning into this. Now let’s talk about Fridman’s best work to date.

Young girls around the world want to emulate celebrities, no matter what. That’s why Fridman stepped in and decided to show this girl a lesson, and share some words of advice. The message is quite clear. Editing and tweaking a photo can be all kinds of fun but it’s also important to love yourself, your body, and your “imperfections.” Self-love is what matters the most. So troll on, my brother! Troll on.

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