Here’s What It Means If Your Dog Follows You To The Bathroom.

Here’s What It Means If Your Dog Follows You To The Bathroom. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

What do you think your dog is trying to tell you when he follows you to the bathroom? Keep reading to find out what this, and your dog’s other weird behaviors mean.

Dogs like to follow their humans everywhere. It may start out as cute, but it tends to get old pretty fast. Honestly, it gets a little weird when they start watching you go to the bathroom. But did you know there was a deeper meaning to this? Your dog is trying to communicate something to you. From going to the bathroom with you, and their other strange behaviors, most of the things dogs do have some sort of meaning and what they’re actually trying to tell you is amazing.

If you ever come home to your stuff being ruined, this is a warning sign. Your dog is either extremely bored, or they’re suffering from separation anxiety. Both of these issues need to be addressed. They can cause your dog some serious stress. Bring your pup to a behavior specialist to work on his anxiety or just give him some extra cuddles. If they’re bored, increase their walks and play time. Unfortunately, none of these options will keep them from following you to the bathroom.

It can be a heartbreaking sign to see your dog hunch over frequently. If a dog is hunching over, they’re making themselves look smaller because they’re scared. If there is no threat around and your dog is hunching over, this can be worse. Dogs that do this typically have been abused in the past. If you adopted a dog from a rescue and they’re doing this, be gentle with them. If you see your dog raise their paw, get out of the way.

Dog typically raise their arms when they’re stalking. If they have their shoulders crouched down and their paw is up, it’s time to hunt! You should just get out of the way when this happens. You can get knocked down by a dog running at full speed. If it’s a chihuahua, just move to be nice. What’s even more gross is when they try to speak to you through their kill.

Don’t be grossed out if you find a dead bird or rat in your bed. Well, it is gross, but try to understand. This is a gift from your dog! If they’re not the type of dog to kill things, they might just bring you a toy. Dogs give things to their owners that they might want or need. It’s their way to show you their appreciation. But if it’s poop they’re bringing, then you definitely have a problem!

Probably the grossest thing a dog eats is their poop. It’s not only gross, it’s a bit troubling, as well. Dogs who do this want attention. This could mean that they’re stressed out. Or it could be from separation anxiety. Attempt to train them not to do it. Get professional help if it continues. Vets know a lot of information about dog’s behavior, but what they say about dogs following their owners to the bathroom is quite odd.

Have you ever let a dog sit on your feet because they were keeping them warm? When they do this, or they sit between your legs, it means they’re trying to tell you something. They’re a bit scared and sitting on you makes them more comfortable. When they sit on you they’re telling you that they’re scared. The closer they move to you, the more comfortable they’re getting. It’s not like when they follow you to the bathroom.

When your dog is excessively yawning, this could mean that they’re scared. If you see them constantly yawning around someone, they’re feeling uneasy. They haven’t gotten comfortable with the stranger yet. On the other hand, if you yawn and then your dog copies you, they’re showing you empathy. Or your pup could just be sleepy. If you see them lean on you, though, they’re not trying to catch a nap. The classic lean doesn’t mean that they’re a sleepy pup.

Dogs send signs through leaning against you, as well. They’re feeling a bit insecure. Just like when they sit on you, leaning against you is a way for them to feel safe. They could also be leaning in to get the cuddles. Dogs need contact. They crave it and they’ll ask for it in a number of ways. Following you to the toilet is not one of those ways though.

A lot of people don’t like when a dog licks them, but it’s actually a huge gesture. When a dog gives you some licks, they’re surrendering to you. When they lick you, they’re being submissive. Giving lots of kisses is also how they relieve built up tension. But watching you go to the bathroom is still more disgusting, and you won’t believe why they do this .

A dog is telling you something extremely important when they follow you to the bathroom. It’s they’re way of telling you that they’re devoted to you. Vets explain that it’s in a dog’s nature to want to be with their family all the time, which is why they follow you everywhere, bathroom included. It may be uncomfortable, but it’s how they tell you that you’re important to them. Not like when they dig up all of your covers before bed.

If you see your dog digging or wandering around in circles before bedtime, they’re not going crazy. They’re just doing what their natural instincts tell them to do. Before dogs were domesticated, they would make themselves nests. When they dig, they would unearth dangerous snakes or bugs. So, just let them make their bed. And don’t hesitate to look in their eyes when they look into yours! You won’t believe what they’re doing!

It’s important to stare back into your dog’s eyes when they stare at you. This is one of the biggest ways that they say they love you. Japanese scientists did an experiment about this and the results were amazing. Every time a dog stares at you large amounts of oxytocin are released. This is what is called the happy chemical in your brain. Just by looking into your dog’s eyes you’re making them happier. Until they sneeze, of course.

Every time a dog sneezes they’re warning you. A warning that an epic play fight is about to begin. When they sneeze they’re letting you know that they’re not being aggressive. This is just the beginning of the battle and it’s their way of letting you know what’s going on. They’re not angry with you, and they don’t want to hurt you. They’re just being playful. The cutest thing they do comes after bath time.

Most dogs absolutely hate the bath. Did you ever notice how they run around the house like they’re crazy after they get out of the bath? The reason why is actually pretty funny. They don’t like the smell of clean, so they don’t really appreciate you washing them with shampoo. When they run around they’re trying to shake off ‘the stink’ of clean. That’s why they rub themselves on what they can. See, understanding what your dog is saying isn’t too hard!

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