Here’s What The Shape Of Your Feet Reveals About Your Personality.

Here’s What The Shape Of Your Feet Reveals About Your Personality. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

We’ve all heard of palm reading, right? If you somehow missed this fun, compelling little part of pop culture, here’s the rundown: You show your palm to a reader, they look at the lines and assess your character, predict your future, and all-around give you an idea about where your life is headed. Sometimes, it’s fun. Other times, it’s terrifying. However, though you’re probably familiar with the whole palm-reading scene, we can almost guarantee that you’ve never heard anything like this before. That’s right: Your feet can tell a whole lot more about you than you thought, and we’ve got the illustrations to prove it. Depending on the length and placement of your toes (and how and where you can actually move them), your personality is subject to change. Check out your feet and find out what kind of foot you’ve got going on — the results may actually surprise you.Now, if that thorough analysis hasn’t quite done it for you, then I’d advise you to head over the next page, where the “experts” have provided us with the truth behind your feet. Please be warned, however, that if you’re reading this in a public area, getting your feet out is going to earn you more than a few funny looks.

This shape could mean that you’re social, love people and are excited to try new things. You thrive in the business world, and don’t mind being the center of attention.

The square foot is also called the “peasant foot,” and usually the kind of person who has this is pretty calm, reasonable, and likes to think things through.

People with this type of foot have a second toe longer than the big toe, and people with this setup tend to be enthusiastic and optimistic — despite the fact that a good shoe might be hard to find.

Apparently, if your toes are really small in comparison to the rest of your foot, you can be pretty impulsive — but these folks are also pretty good at keeping secrets.

If your the big toe (also called the thumb) is longer than rest of the toes, chances are that you are smart and creative. You have a different take on the world, but also tend to lose focus on the core of the matter. If your thumb is shorter, it could indicate that you are efficient at multitasking.

People who have long third toe are found to be highly intelligent, but workaholic. And if you’ve got the opposite sort of toe, you might be more relaxed and mellow, preferring instead to enjoy life.

A longer fourth toe means that the person is rooted to his/her family. Also, people with a short fourth toes tend to distance themselves from their families or don’t pay as much attention to family ties.

This little ability means you love a good challenge, and that you might be easily bored by routines. If you’ve got a wandering baby toe, that means each day you want to experience something new.

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