Here’s What Your LIPS Say About Your Personality…

Here’s What Your LIPS Say About Your Personality… April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Our faces reveal so much about us. Besides being the first thing people notice when they see us, it’s easy to tell what mood we are in just by the expressions we are making. But there is so much more that comes with just having a fresh, clean face. Our lips may be telling more than we may realize. The shapes of our lips can uncover the type of personality we possess. Here are some common lip shapes and the traits that come with them. Now you can blame your lips for your actions and we are not talking about kissing.Take a look at this chart for a little help.

The round and doll-like lips tend to be small in comparison to the rest of the face. Women with these types of lips are thought to be flirty, joyful, and full of high spirits.

Confidence is one of the traits that come with having full, pouty lips.

Women with broad lips are the most balanced. Successful and a perfectionist are common traits as well as the ability to be nurturing and a good friend.

Romantic, glamorous, and creative are some of the qualities possessed with such ethereal lips.

Regardless of how long thin lips are, the woman who possess them is practical and caring. This person also tends to be timid.

When the corners of the lips tilt downward, women tend to be reflective and withdrawn.

Smaller lips mean this woman can find happiness all on her own. Nonetheless, if she meets that special someone she can still thrive.

Having thicker, plumper lips in the middle highlights a need to be the center of attention. This type of personality is the life of the party.

Women with undefined cupid’s bow tend to be very responsible. Although it is believed they lack emotional boundaries.

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