Here’s Why Googling Avril Lavigne’s Name Is A Really Bad Idea.

Here’s Why Googling Avril Lavigne’s Name Is A Really Bad Idea. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Thanks to the amazing world of the Internet, our obsession with celebrities has increased by tenfold. Then again, we’ve always been obsessed with them. Information about our favorite celebs are just a search engine away. But Avril Lavigne fans should prepare for a rude awakening if they Google her…

Avril Lavigne was born in 1984 in Canada, and she grew up on country music, writing songs, and playing her guitar. This was before social media and YouTube, when the only way artists could make it big was to go the traditional route. By the time young Lavigne was 14, she finally achieved her big break.

Lavigne won a chance to perform by Shania Twain’s side in 1999, and she did it in front of 20,000 people. She was then invited to work with other artists and also went to New York to record demos. Eventually, Lavigne moved to LA and signed on with Arista Records to do her first album. She was ready to tackle the music industry.

Let Go, was Lavigne’s June 2002 debut album, and it hit the top of the charts fast, making her that year’s best-selling female artist. She made three hit singles, and was even nominated for a number of awards, which included eight Grammys. Let Go sold more than 16 million copies around the world by 2009. At a time when the Internet as we know it was still in its infancy, Lavigne was quickly becoming successful.

The pop star released four additional studio albums between 2004 and 2013, which were also in the top charts. Along with musical success, she started doing voiceovers in films, acting, and even launched a perfume and fashion line. But her professional achievements weren’t the only reason Lavigne was in the limelight.

Avril Lavigne was involved in some high-profile relationships, like when she married Sum 41 vocalist Derick Whibley, in 2006, but divorced him three years later. She also dated Brody Jenner for two years before moving on to Nickelback front man, Chad Kroeger. That marriage went downhill too, but by that point, Lavigne was talked about in forums and gossip blogs. Then, conspiracy theorists had this to say about Lavigne.

Lavigne was always the subject of Internet talk, even when she wasn’t releasing new albums or marrying a rock star. In 2005, an insane rumor started circulating that the real Lavigne had died and was replaced by a woman named Melissa, who looked exactly like her. This was obviously a lie, but Lavigne did face death not too long ago.

In 2015, shortly after celebrating her 30th birthday, Lavigne had been diagnosed with Lyme disease. The symptoms included fever, rashes, headaches, and fatigue. The illness had weakened her so much that for five months, the singer was bound to her bed. She was hardly seen or heard from during her recovery. But in 2017, she earned a new title, and it was undeserved.

McAfee, the anti-virus company called Lavigne “2017 Most Dangerous Star To Search For Online.” She came in second in 2013, but this year, she beat Zayn Malik, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Burno Mars, as well as others. So how did Lavigne earn this unusual honor and what does the title even mean?

McAfee claims that anyone searching Avril Lavigne’s name on Google has a 14.5% chance of getting website results that contain viruses and malware. Oh, and if you’re trying to download free mp3s, your risk jumps to 22%. But there was something very strange as to why she was number 1 on the list.

McAfee gave Amy Schumer the unwanted title in 2016 because she sold out during her Madison Square Garden and her world tour performance. She had released a memoir that became a New York Times bestseller too. Naturally, hackers targeted her because they knew lots of folks would search her name that year. Ironically, the same thing can’t be said about the singer, Avril Lavigne.

Her self-titled album was the most recent thing the singer had released back in 2013, which was before she got Lyme disease. Then she went on a break and disappeared from the spotlight. By this point, she wasn’t dating anyone, and everyone had forgotten about the rumors of her death, and body double. So why was she the name most Googled in 2017?

In August of 2017, Lavigne went on Twitter and announced that she was working on a new album. “It’s been a long road to recovery and I want to make sure that this is perfect for you guys!!” she tweeted. “I can’t wait to share the new music I’m working on, I promise it’ll be here before you know it!!” So McAfee warned that this news would likely result in malware spreading.

Gary Davis, a spokesperson for McAfee, warns users to be careful. Impatient fans wanting to get a sneak peek at Avril Lavigne’s new music might click on a link with malware. He added, “It’s imperative that [consumers] slow down and consider the risks associated with searching for downloadable content.” So would this mean you shouldn’t ever Google your favorite celebrity like ever?

McAfee hopes that the “Most Dangerous Celebrity” title will make fans more cautious about clicking on shady links and downloading content that’s totally unverified. All the company wants is for fans of celebrities to use some common sense and be cautious. Davis says, “Thinking before clicking goes a long way to staying safe online.”

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