Here’s Why There’s A Tiny Hole Next To Your iPhone Camera.

Here’s Why There’s A Tiny Hole Next To Your iPhone Camera. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Buying an iPhone means you are treating yourself to a piece of technology where every single feature has been meticulously thought-out. Nothing in the handy smartphone is by chance. And just when you think you have figured out every nook and cranny in the phone, there is a small component most of us have not noticed. When the iPhone 5 was introduced, a small but important element came with the newest release. It may seem irrelevant at first glance but a small hole at the top of the case on the back of the phone plays an important role. Most users assume the tiny circle is a reset button. However, there is nothing to push and even if you touch it, nothing happens. If you love the sound quality you get from your cool phone, you can thank that tiny little addition because it’s a microphone. But this mic is not there accidentally, it has a very specific function.The hole is right in the middle, between the lens and the flash.

Having more than one microphone allows for multi-directional audio coming from different directions.

Regardless of the position users are in audio will be picked up.

What this means for the user is clear and crisp sounds

The microphone in the back helps Siri understand accents, improve FaceTime, and conference calls.

Aside from the back, middle button, the other two are located at the bottom of the phone and the front. The last one is under the grill with the phone speaker. This microphone is not active during a phone conversation.

The one in the back is used when someone is speaking.

The earpiece in the iPhone not only does noise cancellation when you are speaking but also what you are hearing from the person you are speaking with.

Yet the technology has advanced so far that it’s hard to believe so much can be done with so little.

Wideband audio or HD Voice allows for the sound spectrum to be the closest and truest human speech range.

The person you are calling also has to have wideband audio for it to work. Otherwise it will just be a regular digital call.

If you love talking on Snapchat, it’s all thanks to the third microphone. Not a bad addition.

High-end Bluetooth headsets use to be the only way people were able to have clear and sharp audio.

You can record in surround sound. Imagine using to record someone playing your favourite song?

If you have one of the older models kicking around, charge it, and compare the sounds. The improvement is hard to ignore.

We bet you are going to be checking out your iPhone’s microphones after reading this.

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