Here’s Why You Should Never Go To Bed With Wet Hair.

Here’s Why You Should Never Go To Bed With Wet Hair. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Ever since you were a kid your mom told you never to go to bed with wet hair. The only problem with that is she probably didn’t tell you why. Maybe she really didn’t know herself, maybe it was just something that she was told so she passed it on to you. The actually reason for it is because many bad things can happen overnight if you go to bed with a wet head. Greasy, broken hair is one of the main things that can happen. The hair is in a much weaker state when it’s wet so rubbing it against your pillow all night can lead to several problems. There are also several other bad things that can happen too. Read on to learn about just how bad it could get.You have always been told to never go to bed with wet hair, and wearing a towel on it is even worse. If you don’t know all of the bad things that can happen, you will learn in a few moments.

When you go to sleep your body temperature adjusts to the room temperature. If your head is in a towel though it can’t match what your body does. This will lead to headaches.

When you dry your hair by rubbing a towel on it you will suffer some cracked hair. The same thing happens if you go to sleep. You move in your sleep so there will be friction between your hair and your pillow or the towel.

When you go to bed with wet hair you will certainly wake up with it in a different condition. You can count on it being very snarly and it will hurt to brush them out.

If pillows are not kept clean they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If you lay a wet head on it for several hours you can increase the potential for bacterial growth in your hair or on your head.

The moisture that will stay on your head all night with lead to itching of the scalp. Having this happen will lead to several other issues with the hair itself.

If your body experiences a sudden change in temperature you can expect muscle pain. However, it can also get much worse. Severe cramps, facial paralysis and eventually total paralysis can happen… all from wet hair.

The moisture that will gather and the itching that may follow can lead to dandruff. The oil that may develop from your wet head will not help matters at all and you could find yourself with a very severe case of dandruff.

The hair strands are strong when dry. However when it is wet it is prone to breaking because it is weak. Weak hair won’t be as shiny as dry, strong hair strands.

Not to mention that going to bed with a wet head could leave you looking like this in the morning. You probably don’t want that!

Greasy hair will most certainly happen if you go to bet with a wet head. It will also be very flat and it won’t look clean at all.

Put some baby powder on it instead of dry shampoo. You can also use bronzer or maybe some baby powder mixed with some cocoa.

The wet hair combined with a dirty pillow can lead to bed results. You will create the perfect storm for fungus to grow in your hair.

This fungus will lead to plenty of bacterial build up. You could see not only damage to your hair, but to your skin as well. It could get very bad as you’ll soon find out.

If the bacteria lives long enough you can find yourself looking like this. Hair loss and severe skin problems could come about.

If you find yourself suffering from ringworm on your scalp you can use lavender oil to treat it. Massaging some in before you go to bed and rinsing it in the morning will help the healing process quite well.

Another cure is the use of apple cider vinegar. You can put some of the diluted fluid on your scalp several times a day for a couple of weeks and it should heal nicely. A cotton ball is best for application of this.

One more option is the use of coconut oil. Leaving it on the infected areas overnight will be a big help in the healing process.

Split ends are another thing that can happen if you go to bed with wet hair. The friction between your hair and your pillow is bad on wet hair.

This can actually be fixed simply by washing your hair with olive oil, an egg and honey. There is no need to cut the split ends off.

Your face and fingertips both produce oils from the body. If you touch your wet hair with your fingers during the night you could transfer those oils into the hair. That can lead to bacteria being built up.

If you are one of those that absolutely must go to bed while your hair is still wet, there is one thing you can do. Having a satin pillow case will allow the hair to slide some and not cause so much friction.

If you get scalp massages it will also keep everything up there very healthy. This will lead to less bacteria growth and you can do it right from home.

You can also put your hair up in a bun at night. This will stop breakage and your hair won’t be in a wild state when you wake up.

The common use for dry shampoo is in the morning but it actually works better if you do it before going to bed. You’ll find in the morning that your hair has more volume and shine. The wild look will also probably not happen.

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