Heroic Pit Bull Saved Little Girl From A Deadly Dog Attack.

Heroic Pit Bull Saved Little Girl From A Deadly Dog Attack. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Depending in the time you grew up in, you were terrified of certain dog breeds. In the 1970’s, dobermans were seen as callous and an overly aggressive breed. The next decade, the German shepherds became known as attack dogs who would lunge at their victims on command. By the 1990’s, however, the Rottweilers took the spotlight as vicious, killing machines. Part of the reason these muscular, strong, and intimidating breeds received such a bad reputation is that their owners often raised them to be aggressive with the slightest provocation. In the last decade, there are stories after stories of pit bulls and their often deadly encounters with humans. Time and time again, it has been discovered that pit bulls like every other breed are malleable to their owners breeding and raising purposes. Any dog can be dangerous and lethal under the care of the wrong person.The five-year-old was attacked by the neighbour’s dog, a Labrador retriever mix. The canine bit Remayah in the face injuring her eye lids, upper lip, and cheek.

The neighbour’s dog had to be euthanized.

“He’s like a hero. He’s like a protective dog. We taught him to be protective and caring for the family,” says Lucila.

Her family had saved money to take the little girl to Disney World but plans had to be put on hold and instead use the money for her medical expenses.

->**Watch the emotional video as Remayah recalls how the family pit bull became her hero.**<-

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