25 Friendly Dogs Who Desperately Want To Say Hi.

25 Friendly Dogs Who Desperately Want To Say Hi. August 7, 2018

Everyone knows the popular saying “curiosity killed the cat” but cats aren’t the only curious creatures. Dogs can be super curious as well and sometimes just can’t help but to be nosy. Normally you’d be mad at a person for nosing into your business but in these situations you might actually find it pretty cute. Here, we’ve compiled a bunch of photos of dogs who are just desperate to say hi to anyone. They’ll got through extreme measures just to pop their head up and say hello. But who could ever get mad at them?Hopefully his head doesn’t get stuck.

Don’t worry, although he can’t see you, he can definitely smell you.

“Are you guys new to the neighborhood?”

“Don’t tell me I came to this side for nothing.”

But he deserves an applause for successfully doing it!

Well you definitely got people’s attention now buddy.

She’s obviously been waiting for you to get home since the moment you left.

Like this guy right here.

“I’m bored and need someone to play with me.”

“Hey there, you didn’t forget about me behind there did you?”

I don’t know whether to be startled or burst out in laughter.

He just wants to say hi, can you blame him?

What business do you fellas have being in this bathroom the same time as me?

But less creepy and way cuter. Just look at that smile.

Now that’s one friendly dog.

So they figure out a way to do it all at the same time.

Too bad his cute white fur sticks out like a sore thumb.

“This is not a cry for help. Say hello and carry on.”

“Do you come here often? Haven’t seen you around in awhile.”

The measures these dogs will go to say hi.

“We’re the three best friends that anyone can have.”

“I don’t like it when you leave me alone.”

But for some reason he’s looking in this direction for help. Or just to say sup, could be either or.

Aren’t they the cutest pair?

“I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.”