Can You Spot The Lone Polar Bear In This Photo?

Can You Spot The Lone Polar Bear In This Photo? September 11, 2019

Where’s the polar bear in this image? It’s quite challenging actually. In fact, you might find it easier looking for Waldo in a Nightmare on Elm Street Convention than it would be to find a majestic creature like this one in a snow-covered environment. But if you concentrate, you might make out the white polar bear blending into its icy white habitat in the Arctic Circle. But we dare you to try anyway. Can you spot him yet? Keep at it, we’re sure you’ll make out the elusive bear that a French photographer managed to get a snap of using a drone.But for one bear, this is home, which isn’t very easy given that those lagoons and streams are not a natural formation, but the result of rising temperatures in the area that have made life difficult for the wildlife here.

He might not look like much from up above, but you certainly wouldn’t want to run into him in his native territory. The photographs taken by 28-year-old French Photographer Florian Ledoux shows the bear jumping across islands of ice to hunt for food.

He was on a sailing expedition when he spotted the impressive looking polar bear, who seemed to be struggling to sprint through the treacherous terrain in the hopes of finding something good to eat in the always shifting archipelagos.

But while we feel for the poor animal, we can’t help but remain awestruck by the incredible patterns of sea ice, which is a lot easier to appreciate courtesy of the drone Ledoux used.

We’re fortunate that Ledoux has more than one drone, because the magnetic fields in this area has caused quite a few of his drones to crash. But if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t even know about the struggles that the wildlife in this region must deal with day after day.

He has no problem taking a quantum leap through the ice islands to find food, but it’s an ugly truth that forces us to see what global warming is doing to these creatures. Fortunately, these bears are highly adaptable and have dealt with warmer periods. So, if this bear was in trouble, he never got the memo.