Hidden Camera Captures What Animals Really Do When No One’s Watching.

Hidden Camera Captures What Animals Really Do When No One’s Watching. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Animals are like children. Whenever they think there’s no one around, they’ll do all sorts of nutty things. Some of their behaviors are so odd, they’re eerily human. But fortunately, hidden cameras have given us a glimpse into what these awesome creatures are like. Sure, we can laugh at them through these photos, but boy would they become super defensive if they ever knew that humans were aware of their activities in the wild. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about that. So, go ahead and enjoy seeing what these lovely, and sometimes, deadly animals are like when they think we’re not really looking.This one wasn’t sure, but he definitely knew that there was something off about this artificial animal. But if you’ve seen Rudolf, you know reindeer can be real bullies. This one decided to charge at the faux animal, just in case. So territorial!

Looks like the jig is up, cause this deer knows you’re watching, and in case you were wondering what it thinks of you spying on them, it’s got it’s tongue out. Yup! This deer totally outsmarted the camera and us humans.

Looks like these two have found each other! They’re worse than teenagers. But they certainly do look like they’re so in love. Hopefully they’ll never know we were spying on them.

If you’ve ever needed a better photo of how taxing being a mom can be, then this is it. That poor fox looks so tired, but of course, her cubs don’t care. They just want to feed shortly after popping out of her.

It looks just like something Baloo would do. Unfortunately, whatever that thing is, it’s not a beehive. So if its honey it was hoping for, it’s going to be standing there with its hands up for a very long time. But points for effort.

Rarely do we catch a glimpse of a prey, like this porcupine, using its natural defenses to keep a predator bigger than itself from attacking. The tiger may sink its teeth into the porcupine, but it’ll hurt so much, it won’t enjoy it.

This poor monkey! He must have been so freaking thirsty. Just look at that satisfying look on his face as he gulps down on that refreshing water. It’s better than beer, well, at least to him it is. Stay hydrated, Mr. Monkey!

This deer is about to have an epiphany when it feels this owl’s predatory claws sink into its neck! Somehow, we doubt that the owl will be able to kill Bambi, but just in case, we’ll hope for the very best.

When its dinner time, it’s first come, first serve. But that doesn’t mean that a fellow wolf won’t experience a great deal of food envy when they watch a wolf heading home with food in its mouth.

While two deer approach the panther, the feral cat is perched up there like a top boss. Looks like he’s trying to take over as king of the jungle. He’s even got two deer who are ready to serve their toothy master.

Maybe it’s the lens, or maybe this raccoon has a sixth sense, but it’s definitely aware of the hidden camera. Maybe it’s trying to figure out how to steal it, cause raccoons are super sneaky that way.

Rudolf isn’t the only rebel in the kingdom of reindeer. This one is a total freak. He knows how to do some serious breakdancing in front of the camera. Guess he’s auditioning for Dancing With The Deer.

They had apparently lost one of their cubs, and now the pack has collectively gotten together to howl loud enough for the youngling to hear its way back to his family.

These two porcupines are totally gossiping about what the neighbor did, like how Bambi’s mother had been sneaking around with Baloo the bear. These pines are such gossip gurls!

He was evidently doing something he wasn’t proud of, or he had just finished going number 2. Either way, he’s not too thrilled by the fact that there’s a camera around taking shots of him doing his business in the jungle. Just wait until he gets his paws on you.

There he was squatting down to do its business, but fortunately, he didn’t realize that a hidden camera was capturing this stinky situation. Maybe next time it should try doing it behind some shrubs or a huge, thick tree.

These deer wanted to get together, talk about some serious issues in the animal kingdom. Then, maybe, they wanted to pop open a few beers and relax. Now they’ll just talk about how to get rid of the annoying human who put a camera in their forest.

The deer doesn’t have a clue what the camera is for, but it definitely wants to try something new. We’re guessing that a plastic casing and a glass lens won’t be too appealing, at least not unless you add some barbecue sauce to it.

It’s not enough that Mother Nature gave some deer antlers. They had to go around rummaging through bushes in order to find that perfect thorn hat. This deer looks so thrilled to have been caught by the camera. Now it can show off its lovely new hat.

This Panda just threw itself down a hill. Next to a wheel, this is really the best way to travel. It’s fast, and you don’t even have to pay a fee. But you might wind up with a few sores on your back.

These two kangaroos must think they’re in a boxing ring, ’cause they’re about to duke it out and settle their differences. Obviously, these creatures are not the kind you want to mess with when you’re in the woods.

Before her cub can grow up to be self-sufficient, it has to learn. Fortunately, mama bear over here is ready to teach her cub the tricks of the trade, and even gives him a boost while teaching him how to scavenge for food.

Maybe the bear rolled around in some poison ivy or poison oak and needed his back scratch, but with everyone too afraid of getting turned into lunch, it had no choice but to scratch his back using this tree.

This squirrel went looking for some nuts to eat, and it assumed it found some. But when it tried cracking some of these colored plastic eggs opened, it experienced the biggest disappointment of its life. Worst of all, there was no candy inside of them.

He may not know there’s a camera there, but he senses someone’s watching him. Worst of all, he’s got a fish in his mouth. It’s okay, you can finish your dinner and then come back to try to figure out what that square-shaped box is all about. I wish we could tell him it’s just a camera!

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