Hidden Cameras Reveal What Animals Really Do When No One’s Watching.

Hidden Cameras Reveal What Animals Really Do When No One’s Watching. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Even though we have a lot of knowledge about wild animals, they can still be a mystery. What’s a better way to learn about their behavior than to hide cameras where they live? Sometimes we get our answers, but sometimes we get more questions.

Raccoons tend to be pretty clever little animals. So it’s not that surprising that while the deer are enjoying a nice snack, the raccoon noticed that they were being watched. It’s not easy to get anything passed these sneaky creatures. If you’ve ever had your picture taken while eating, you understand exactly how this otter might feel.

Literally no one likes to have pictures taken while they’re munching out. There’s too many teeth, too much food, and it just never really looks good. Even though he’s pretty annoyed at the intrusion, this otter just keeps on enjoying his delicious fish dinner. Humans aren’t the only photobombers out there!

Now that’s what you call an attention hog. Once she realized that her mate was getting all of the glory, she had to jump in and get her share of it, too. It seems that she’s learned some things from all of the humans flashing their tongues on the Internet. Have you ever been caught in a situation with your pants down?

This bear was just getting ready to use the bathroom when he couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t alone. Since he was hoping he’d end up in a Charmin commercial, the bear just did his thing anyways. Squirrels aren’t the problem. It’s the flying ones that you need to watch out for.

There aren’t too many things that are worse than a squirrel coming at you like Bruce Lee while you’re minding your own business in the woods. We just hope this little ninja landed on the deer’s antlers. Now that’s a rough landing. If you’re a 90’s kid, then the next picture will strike a chord.

This picture looks like it’s straight from the cover of a boy band’s album. The new band, “The Wild Monkees” have broken into the music scene with their disheveled looks, their bad boy mentalities, and their primal sound. Have you seen the real-life Angry Bird?

This bird is just not into the invasion of his privacy that has been placed in every nook and cranny of his home. I mean, who are these people? The NSA? He has no problem letting everyone know he’s not okay with this. Do you think Tyra Banks would pick this lovely lady for America’s Next Top Model?

It’s very rare to see an animal that enjoys fashion and walking the catwalk. Especially one that’s been caught on camera. This deer figured she might as well try to get her big break and strutted her stuff with confidence. Check out her headpiece for her Winter 2018 collection! Big things are in her future! Hopefully, a Disney movie based on this next picture is in the works.

Have you ever sat on a park bench and ended up having a conversation with a wise old man? This is nature’s version of that. It’s quite apparent that this little duckling has a lot to learn from this wisdom-filled gorilla. Are you okay with a deer seeing you naked?

This picture leads to many questions. Most likely she’s just a scientist of nature that throws herself into her work, and wants to observe this deer in his natural habitat. But, we can’t but wonder, why doesn’t she have any clothes on? Does “Baby monkey riding a pig” ring a bell? Well, prepare yourself for the 2018 version.

This raccoon has just had enough of the life of a pedestrian. He’s decided that it was time for him to join the Uber trend and get himself his own ride: on the back of a boar. We’ll find out soon enough if paying in dumpster food is worthy currency. Are you a fan of 80s movies? Well, you’ll just love the next picture.

This deer absolutely loves to dance and is preparing for a huge competition. But, her friends laugh at her dreams, so she can only practice at night. Don’t you worry, you beautiful deer. If a penguin can do it, so can you. Only a child knows the love of a mother.

We’ve always known that bear mommas were some of the best moms out there. They teach their cubs everything they know, including sifting through the human’s trash cans for delicious bits of food. I mean, who else is gonna show them? Do you like the movie “Bring It On”? Well, what about a raccoon version.

If you know anything at all about raccoons, then this picture won’t surprise you. Raccoons are extremely resourceful and will do whatever it takes to get what they desire. And, apparently, that includes making a raccoon tower! Perhaps they should try cheerleading! It seems like it’s right up their alley. This last picture might make you sad, but it will make you laugh, too!

This deer had no idea what he was getting into when he tried to attack this deer decoy. Now he’s in quite the predicament. Who’s gonna get that huge chunk of wood off of his head? See, this is why words are better than violence.

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