‘Hidden Rainbow’ Hair Lets Shy Girls Conceal Their Inner Unicorn.

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The hair colour is perfect for the client who always wanted to try something wild and fierce but was afraid to go it.

There’s something heavenly about rainbows. They take us into that innocent, fun world where everything is magical and sweet. It’s no wonder some people want to have a piece of the rainbow. The creative minds behind the hip London-based studio, Not Another Salon, came up with the latest hair craze; hidden rainbow hair. The top of the hair is the person’s natural colour but when the hair moves or is pulled up into a bun or pony tail, it reveals a bright rainbow. Carla Rinaldi, the studio’s colourist who invented the new style told Huffington Post UK she had wanted to do this new look for a long time and is happy her clients are on board to try it. “We’re in East London which is a really cool trendy place, but it is also near the banking district. So a lot of our clients want to express themselves but also need a look that works for their office environment,” explains Rinaldi.



Not Another Hair Salon has a, "No Judgement Policy," allowing the stylists to be as creative and forward thinking as they want.




This policy applies to clients as well. They are free to request whatever style they want.




The cost of the hidden rainbow style is anywhere from $200 to $260 depending on the length of the hair and how healthy it is.