He Excavated His Backyard And Couldn’t Believe What He Found.

He Excavated His Backyard And Couldn’t Believe What He Found. June 25, 2020

A man stumbled upon a hidden door that was below the ground in his backyard. He totally flipped out when he discovered what was inside.

As children, we’ve all dreamed of finding buried treasure in our backyard. One man was fortunate enough to live out his childhood fantasy in his adult years. He discovered some mysterious blueprints for his house. However, when he went searching for the hidden room, he was flabbergasted at what he found. Buried in the ground in his own backyard, was an ominous looking trap door. What was even more ominous was what was behind it.

This man really has some good luck! John Sims, who goes by Captantarcitca on Imgur, discovered something truly epic hidden in his backyard. John doesn’t describe himself as an adventurer, he’s just an average kind of guy. He’s owned his own home for a few years in Tucson, Arizona. He never expected that there was more to his property than meets the eye until one day he found something in his storage.

While he was rummaging through storage, John came across an interesting document. He found the original plans for his house. He pulled them out and looked closer at them. That’s when he saw something that he hadn’t ever seen before. Something mysterious which should’ve been in plain sight on his property. John was baffled so he tried looking for the extra add-on, but he couldn’t find it. Then, he dug a little deeper.

John was determined to figure this out so he investigated further. He couldn’t believe that he missed something in his own backyard for all these years. Maybe the structure was demolished. If that were the case, why? John was insistent on finding out more so he went to the place that could offer him answers, the local council. There he searched for any documentation pertaining to his homestead. What he found was unbelievable!

John came across some archives at the council that were remarkable. He discovered exactly what he was searching for. On the piece of paper was a rough, hand-drawn sketched figure. He couldn’t quite understand what it meant. But he did see the one key component, it was made of metal. He knew exactly what he had to do next. So John put on his adventure hat and went off in search of buried treasure.

After John saw the metal component, he knew he had to call the big guns. He called a professional metal detector expert to assist him. It wasn’t long before the metal detector began to beep wildly, and this made John’s heart race. He began to dig the soil, but John was not prepared for what he was about to uncover.

John knew when the metal detector beeped that they found what they were searching for. So he began to dig and dig until finally, a metallic clang rang out. John’s heart was racing. He felt like he struck gold! As he cleared away the remaining soil, he had no idea what to expect. But what he saw surpassed all of his wild expectations.

As they cleared the rubble away, John took a look at what they uncovered. Right under his nose in his own backyard, lay a mysterious trap door! But no one knew what was inside. John was excited to see it with his own eyes. He had no idea what to expect next. Suddenly as he dug further, he excitement quickly turned to fear.

While digging around the trap door, John’s mind began to wonder. He didn’t know what to expect next. The first question was why was it buried? Certainly, there was no need to hide it if it were innocent. His imagination went wild thinking of the possibilities of what was beneath. And then, his fears were confirmed when something else was discovered.

The dust settled and the door was ready to be opened. This is when John’s fears increased. As he attempted to open the metal door, it appeared to be deliberately sealed shut. But why in the world would anyone seal a door and then bury it in the yard? What lay behind this door that was so desperately trying to be hidden from the world? When they finally got the door to open, John immediately saw why it had been sealed.

There was something incredible beneath the trap door. John saw a spiraling staircase that lead into total darkness. John’s heart raced with excitement as they cleared the stairs and began to climb down. At the bottom of the stairs, he saw something magnificent. He walked into a large built-up room. This whole new space was uncovered, but what in the world was its purpose?

John did some sleuthing and found that the room was actually built to serve as a bunker. A company called Whitaker Pools constructed it in 1961. The room below was a dome-shaped single space constructed of concrete and fiberglass. The room served as a bomb shelter between 1960 and 1980. This was during the Cold War. When John posted the images on social media, people couldn’t believe it!

John’s images of his backyard find went viral quickly. A treasure hunt frenzy began thanks to his huge discovery. People began rummaging through their original house plans to see if they could be so lucky. Who knew what their backyards could be hiding? However, it would end up that John was the sole owner of an abandoned bunker. He has some awesome plans for it.

John intends to make the most of his new underground space in his backyard. He wants to restore the bunker to its former glory. He started a GoFundMe page to raise money so that he can restore the bunker exactly how it would have appeared in the 60s. But why would other people be motivated to help someone redo their own space? There must be something more in the cards for this former bunker.

When all the renovations are completely finished, John plans to turn the bunker into a remembrance museum to commemorate the Cold War. He has already collected many artifacts to display in the bunker. John plans to open the museum to the public so they can understand and appreciate our nation’s history. From a hidden trap door in the backyard to a revived tribute, this bunker has really come a long way!