Hidden Messages These Products Are Trying To Tell You.

Hidden Messages These Products Are Trying To Tell You. August 18, 2020

The main pursuits of most businesses are profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction. But just because they have a serious mission, it doesn’t mean that companies can’t have a little bit of fun in the process. Tons of companies plant “Easter eggs” in their products, such as a hidden message on the bottom of a bottle of wine. You can even catch Disney putting these fun hidden gems in their movies every once in a while! If you haven’t been lucky enough to find one for yourself, keep scrolling to check out some hilarious “eggs” that people have found on the things that they’ve purchased!It’s like a two for one toy for the pup!

Even yogurt has something to say.

Who uses peanut oil to roast potatoes?

The newest version probably has an address for Trump.

That’s so clever.

Who doesn’t love kind compliments?!

Well, that’s a relief!

Please don’t eat it, okay?

It’s a cute little mini-Jeep!

Cutest Easter egg ever!

You got to love that!

We love those invisible cards to put invisible money in!

But not everyone will get it.

And yes, they still argue like everyone else.

Another reason that you should keep shaving daily.

But we just want to know more about the kitty.

Very clever of them!

Read the last line on the bottom.

With red and white dress shirts? Hahahaha!

This company also prints a hidden message that reads: Rub bottle to free genie (maybe).