25 Sneaky Hiding Places To Stash Your Valuables... #9 Will Fool The Smartest Thief.


Cut a 1/4 inch plywood 1/16 inch smaller than your drawer opening to create a false bottom drawer.

Let's be honest, who wouldn't mind a safe in their home that could hide away all their most valued possessions? Of course, the most obvious valuables may be important documents, cash, jewelry, or things that a thief would steal and sell for a great worth. One of the most common places that people hide things are in the pockets of coats and jackets kept in the very back of closet. We've gathered a list of other places to hide some things. Take a look at some of these genius ideas.

Stash money into counterfeit containers that are empty but look like they're filled with something.


Combine a bunch of thin books together and cut out the middle to create this small book storage compartment.


Hide valuables in plain sight within your vacuum cleaner.


Use an empty deodorant to stash cash and put it away in your medicine cabinet.

Cut off all the pages within various hardcover books and glue the empty book covers together to create a secret storage place.


Remove a tile from your wall and replace it with a tile storage compartment to make a hidden storage in your bathroom.


If your house has stairs, use the landing or a step to create a secret storage compartment.


If you have an encased bathtub, you can create a hidden storage in the encasement.


Mount your tv over a board that is hinged with gas springs to create a secret compartment behind your tv.


Take an old book you no longer read and cut out a hole in the pages to create a storage unit there.


Hide a key underneath a pinecone.


To hide precious jewels, create a jewelry box first to hold them and then hide the box behind a big framed photo on the wall.


Create a storage compartment behind a built-in bookcase to hide big objects.


Install a medicine cabinet that you can stash your valuables in and hang a large picture to hide it.


You could also hide a hidden compartment using oversized art.


Create a floating shelf that has a secret compartment in it nobody will expect.


Drill a hole into the door of your door and insert a metal tube that can secretly stash cash or whatever smaller valuables you might have.


Another unique way of hiding valuables within books is creating a hollow stack of old vintage looking ones.


Similar to the hollow book, try creating a hollow deck of cards.


Transform one of the outlets in your home that nobody uses into a hidden wall safe by installing a blank panel.


Cover the sides and front of a box with album records to create a hidden storage compartment in your music shelf.


Cut off a piece of your globe and hide money in it.


Hang your wall art up on a hinge to create a small compartment space behind it.


The battery compartment of a radio is a great place to hide valuables.